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Wasp Repellent Coffee
Wasp Repellent Coffee
Repel wasps with coffee smoke fireproof clay pot for lighting coffee powder When lit, develops a wasp defense scent Coffee smoke is a popular household ingredient for deterring wasps. But only few households have a suitable container,...
Replacement lamp for item No. 62450
Replacement lamp for item No. 62450
1 unit consists of 1 x UV replacement lamp 4 watt Only UV-light will attract flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies, crane flies or gnats.
Brush, replacement
Brush, replacement
For Flying Insects Killer 50m² Isokat Junior with UV-Light (# 62300) and Flying Insects Killer 20m² Isokat Junior with UV-Light (# 62306)
Wall Holder, replacement
Wall Holder, replacement
For Cat and Dog Repellant (#60050)
End Cap Replacement, green
End Cap Replacement, green
For Mole and Ant Repellant, Vibration (#70051)
D Cell Battery, 1,5V
D Cell Battery, 1,5V
For Mole Repellant Basic (#70021), Vibration Mole and Ant Repellent (#70051) und Raccoon Repellent (#60035)
Rechargable Battery for 70035 and 70045, 800mAh
Rechargable Battery for 70035 and 70045, 800mAh
For Solar Mole Repellant Diamant (#70035) and Solar Mole and Ant Repellant, Vibration (#70045)
Mäuse-Feind Mobil – der mobile Nagervertreiber mit Ultraschall von Gardigo
Mouse repeller mobile
A disturbance for hungry rodents Ultrasound technology: inaudible to humans Battery operated: Can be used anywhere you are having problems with mice and rats Mice, rats and other rodents use ultrasound, inaudible to humans, to...
Maus-Lebend-Falle XL 2.0 – die extra große Mausefalle mit Wasser- und Köderbehälter von Gardigo
Mouse Live Trap XL 2.0
Spacious and transparent Humane live mouse trap: extra large to avoid injuries with water compartment, to supply caught rodents with liquids with handle A trap for catching live mice – done right! Live traps for mice and other small...
Rechargable Battery for 60090 and 60055
Rechargable Battery for 60090 and 60055
For Solar Dog and Cat Repellant (# 60055) and Bird Repellant Solar (#60090)
Silberfisch-Abwehrstecker – Die Ultraschall-Abwehr für die Steckdose gegen Silberfische von Gardigo
For problems with silverfish in the bathroom Emits ultrasound to turn your bathroom into an unpleasant area for silverfish Silverfish inhabit warm and moist areas. They feed from hair and skin particles amongst other things. It’s not...
Holz-Mausefalle 2er-Set – die klassische Mausfalle optimal für Streichköder von Gardigo
Wooden Mouse Trap, Set of 2
The classic Gardigo mouse trap rodent control without poison The classic wooden snap trap has been around for many decades, because the operating principle of a spring trap has not changed. It is just the bait that is not the same as in...
Wespen-Frei Premium 2er-Set – die Wespennestattrappe aus robustem, nässebeständigem Material von Gardigo
Wasp Nest Premium
Water-resistant dummy vespiary durable, water-resistant material simulates a real nest to keep away wasps With Gardigo’s Premium Wasp Nest you can now make use of the natural behaviour of wasps: They try to keep up to 75 m distance from...
Lebensmittel-Mottenfallen 2er-Set – das Leimfallenset gegen Motten an Ihren Lebensmitteln von Gardigo
Food Moth Trap, Set of 2
Monitoring System Sticky trap - no poison! For determining infestation For kitchens, pantries, hotels and restaurants Are little insects flying out of your larder or supply cabinet? Most likely you are suffering from a mill moth or...
Fliegen-Wedler mit Aufhänger – die Fliegenabwehr mit zusätzlicher Aufhängung von Gardigo
Fly Scare with hanger
Shoos away flies The Gardigo Fly Scare shoos away flies with its wings, just like you would do with your hand. Unlike you, the Fly Scare can do this job without pausing. This allows you to keep insects off of foods and beverages on the...
Fluginsekten-Vernichter Profi 70qm 2 x 8 W – der Insektenvernichter mit UVA-Röhren gegen Fliegen und Mücken von Gardigo
Insect Killer Professional 70 m² 2x 8 W
For a relaxed summer Kills insects on the integrated high voltage grid up to 70 m² coverage During the summer, pesky insects get into the house quickly when opening the windows in the evening hours for a cool draught. The Insect Killer...
Mouse Spring Trap, Set of 10 France Edition
Mouse Spring Trap, Set of 10 France Edition
France Edition mouse trap in french national colours The classic snap trap made of durable plastic - now in the colours of the tricolore. Most mouse traps are not meant to attract attention. These are is different! They entirely designed...
Mouse Spring Trap, Set of 10 Italy Edition
Mouse Spring Trap, Set of 10 Italy Edition
Italy Edition the ultimate mousetrap for fans of the Italian national football team The popular plastic trap - now in Italian national colours. Usually mouse traps are meant to look unremarkable and should not attract attention. But...
Kleider-Mottenfalle 2er-Set – das Klebefallen-Set zum Monitoring für Textilien von Gardigo
Clothes-MothTrap, set of 2
Monitoring system monitoring trap for determining infestation for closets, wardrobes, armoires and cloakrooms, sitting rooms and bedrooms scentless, insecticide-free adhesive traps Many people only realize they have a clothing moth...
Solar Tauben-Abwehr Krähe – der Vogelvertreiber mit realistischen Krähengeräuschen von Gardigo
Solar Pigeon-Repeller Crow
The crow as a natural enemy of songbirds Radar motion sensor for 360° coverage emits realistic crow sounds with ON/OFF switch In case of problems with pigeons and songbirds it is possible to make use of the animals’ natural instincts....
Silberfisch Klebe-Falle 3er-Set – das Leimfallen-Set gegen Silberfische von Gardigo
Silverfish Glue Trap - Set of 3
Monitoring System no poison for bathroom, cloakroom, kitchen and bedroom Everybody knows them and they are mostly harmless, but no one likes to have nocturnal visitors in the bathroom: We are talking about Silverfish. The insects feed on...
Schaben-Falle 3er-Set – das Klebefallen-Set gegen Schaben und Kakerlaken im Haushalt von Gardigo
Cockroach Trap, set of 3
Monitoring system - detect infestation early on Sticky trap without poison As omnivores, cockroaches and cockroaches feed on all kinds of organic materials. They can find food anywhere. But kitchens, pantries and all places where...
Gelb-Sticker 5er-Set – das Klebefallen-Set gegen Blattläuse, Trauermücken und Minierfliegen von Gardigo
Yellow Stickers, Set of 5
Monitoring system for house plant pests no poison for problems with aphids, fungus gnats and leaf miners Indoor plants in rooms and conservatories need protection. Winged aphids, blackflies and greenflies will fly from plant to plant....
Baum-Leim-Ring, 5m – der transparente Baumleimring gegen Ameisen, Blattläuse und Frostspanner von Gardigo
Sticky Tree Barrier – 5 metres
Protection from winter moths and ants Pests like greenflies and winter moths are making it tough for trees to survive. Harvesting fresh fruit in the garden in summer requires protecting your plants from insects early on. The Gardigo...
Fenster-Fliegenfalle 4er-Set – das Klebefallen-Set mit Blumendekor gegen Fliegen von Gardigo
Window Fly Trap, set of 4
Monitoring system with flower decor without poison Fruitflies and common houseflies find their ways into our kitchens, lounges, bedrooms, pantries etc. again and again. They are a real hygiene problem. As the insects often can be found...
Insekten-Schutz-Vorhang – der anpassbare Insektenschutz für Türen von Balkonen und Terrassen von Gardigo
Fly Screen Curtain
For doors up to 100 x 220 cm Can be cut to the individual size of your doors. high quality fibreglass fabric with magnetic clasps easy to open – even for pets colour: anthracite Balcony doors and other exits or entrances are often kept...
Fliegen-Wedler / Wespen-Verdufter – die neue Version des Fliegen-Wedlers mit Wespen-Verdufter-Schale von Gardigo
Fly Scare / Wasp Scram
with scent bowl for essential oils, to keep away wasps shoos away flies The Gardigo Fly Scare fan shoos away flying insects from foods and beverages, so you do not have to do this tedious task anymore. But now the Fly Scare has gotten...
Bird Nesting Box Swedish House
Bird Nesting Box Swedish House
An original nesting aid useful garden decoration ideal for many tit species This Gardigo bird house looks like a real little Swedish house. It provides a place to nest during summer and shelter from the weather during winter. With its 30...
Bird Nesting Box Stone Cottage
Bird Nesting Box Stone Cottage
Decorative nesting aid birdhouse for titmice and pied flycatchers eye catcher in your garden - with real stones The Bird Nesting Box Stone Cottage is not only a nesting opportunity, but also a decorative eye catcher in your garden. The...
Fliegen-Frei Glas – die Fliegenvertreibung mit Regenbogen-Effekt von Gardigo
Fly-Scare Glass
for open doors and windows Creates optical illusions (magnification, colour and movement) for scaring away flies also suitable for balconies and patios The Fly-Scare Glass is an innovative product, based on a fly repelling technique...
Solar-Tierabwehr Basic – der mobile Multi-Tiervertreiber mit Ultraschall und Blitzlicht von Gardigo
Solar Animal Repeller Basic
Dogs, cats, game Inaudible to humans With ultrasound and LED light The Solar Animal Repeller Basic from Gardigo is an animal repellent device powered by solar energy. The solar panel is very large and takes up almost the entire front of...
Vole Trap Accessory Set
Vole Trap Accessory Set
Find, mark & set traps With earth digger, probe rod and marker flags Putting vole traps in the ground is not always easy, as the right tools are usually missing. With the Gardigo Vole Trap Accessory Set, it's now easier than ever. Use...
Corner Mouse Trap
Corner Mouse Trap
multi-catch live trap with window for easier monitoring made of study metal The Gardigo corner mouse trap is a live trap, made of galvanized metal. It is easy to use: for baiting with cheese, bacon etc., the lid simply flips up. The trap...
Mouse Trap 2.0
Mouse Trap 2.0
The hygienic way of catching mice The Gardigo Mouse Trap 2.0 is a snap trap enclosed in a plastic box, which allows for catching rodents in a discreet and safer way than with ordinary mouse traps. Pet paws and children’s hand need...
Maulwurf-Ameisen-Abwehr Deluxe mit Erdlochbohrhilfe – die Tierabwehr mit Schall, Vibration und ein Hilfe für ein passendes Loch von Gardigo
Mole-Ant Defense Deluxe
Easier inserting into the soil battery operated: ideal for winter use or in shaded gardens two techniques in one device: sound and vibration Inserting mole repellers into the soil can be tricky, especially when the device has a large...
Schnecken-Stopp Vlies – die natürliche und sanfte Schneckensperre aus Schafschurwolle von Gardigo
Snail Stop Fleece
Virgin wool 80 x 60 cm For problems with slugs and snails around the vegetable patch 100 % biodegradable: Natural fertilizer, that can simply be dug into the soil after use Useful throughout the year: snail protection in spring and...
Schlag-Rattenfalle 5er-Set – das ideale Mittel zur Rattenbekämpfung von Gardigo
Rat trap, set of 5
The Gardigo set of 5 Rat Traps eliminates pestilential rodents quickly and reliably. Get rid of hygiene issues at home or at your work place! Made from durable synthetics Easy to clean Re-usable Our snap traps are easy to set: simply...
Replacement Adhesive Cards, Set of 3
Replacement Adhesive Cards, Set of 3
for the Gardigo Professional Flying Insect Trap (62406) Have you used up all adhesive cards that came with your Professional Flying Insect Trap? Do not worry, you can replenish your supply and get 3 Replacement Adhesive Cards in this...
Fluginsekten-Klebefalle Profi – die Fliegenfalle mit UV-Licht, Klebetafel und ohne Gift von Gardigo
Professional Flying Insect Trap 1 x 11 W
The hygienic way of catching insects with ultraviolet light no poison or odours for professional use: kitchens, seating areas, bakeries, catering … for setting on a flat surface or hanging on a wall Insects in the house can be an...
Spinnen-Fänger – der Greifer um Spinnen aus der Wohnung zu bringen ohne zu Töten von Gardigo
Spider Catcher
the animal friendly way of removing spiders children will learn to treat spiders respectfully remove spiders and insects from a safe distance Spiders in the house are usually harmless. If you are afraid of spiders or have a phobia, even...
Solar Vogelscheuche – die elektronische Vogelscheuche mit natürlichen Feindgeräuschen von Gardigo
Solar Scarecrow
Real predator sounds + flash light As birds react particularly well to sounds which humans can hear as well, eagle cries are also used as a bird control measure around airports. With the Gardigo Solar Scare Crow we are making use of this...
Solar Maulwurf-Ameisen-Abwehr Deluxe – der solarbetriebene Maulwurfs- und Ameisenschreck mit Erdlochbohrer von Gardigo
Solar Mole-Ant Defense Deluxe
with hole drill extra large solar panel two repellent techniques in one device: tones and vibration Inserting large diameter mole repellers into the ground is often hard. The Gardigo Solar Mole-Ant Defense Deluxe is different. Its hole...
Sie können die Leisten mit den vorgefertigten Löchern anschrauben aber sie auch mit Hilfe von Montagekleber anbringen.
Bird Repellent Spikes 4m
The flexible system for keeping birds away flexible carrier strips with stainless steel spikes as a pigeon deterrent for window sills, balcony railings, eaves etc. various mounting options Spikes for repelling birds may look martial, but...
Katzen-Verdufter Säckchen 4er-Set – der natürliche Abwehrduft, ohne Chemie oder Gift, von Gardigo
Anti Cat Pouch - Set of 4
Deterring scent keeps away cats With dog hair from selected dog parlours All natural – no poison or chemical agents Cats are very peculiar pets. When they are allowed to go outdoors, they will hang about in the most varied places. In...
Vogelabwehr Drachen – die professionelle Vogelscheuche als Drachen von Gardigo
Bird Repellent Kite
The flying scarecrow 9m high quality telescopic pole made of fibreglass including carrier bag When birds ravage on fruit trees, feed on seeding material or the fish in a pond it is not just a nuisance, but can be a costly problem for...
Insektenhotel Lebensbaum – der mystische Lebensbaum aus naturbelassenem Holz für die Artenvielfalt von Gardigo
Insect Hotel “Tree Of Life”
For nesting and overwintering Biodiversity begins in your garden! For solitary bees, ladybirds, lacewings and butterflies The tree of life is an ancient, mythical symbol that connects all forms of creation living between heaven and the...
Vogelabwehr Reiher – die Reihervogelscheuche für Gartenteiche von Gardigo
Bird Deterrent Heron
for your garden pond herons keep their distance from members of the same species lifelike dummy When herons feed on the fish in your pond, you have to get rid of them. But what could keep the birds away? They usually try to keep their...
Erdloch-Bohrer – das Gartenhilfsmittel, dass das Graben passender Löcher erleichtert, von Gardigo
Earth Auger Drill
Perfect for our mole and vole repellers Are you trying to install our mole deterring products into the ground, but the soil is too hard? Digging a suitable hole with a spade can be tiresome. A large garden, where several mole repellers...
90° Fliegenklatsche Bzzz – die elektrische Fliegenklatsche mit schwenkbarem Kopf von Gardigo
90° Swivelling Fly Swatter
Swivel mounted swatter head for catching insects sitting on walls and ceilings Insects sitting on walls and ceilings are hard to reach with most electronic fly swatters, as the mesh is mounted at a fixed angle to the handle. The Gardigo...
Ratten-Lebendfalle Käfig Made in Germany – Die humane Art, Ratten zu fangen von Gardigo
Rat Live Trap – Made in Germany
Cage trap for live catch catches live rats and mice made in a sheltered workshop Many people have problems with rats around the house, because rats are synanthropes and can easily adapt to different environmental conditions. According to...
Anti-Marten Duo – the mobile and versatile ultrasonic device for your car or your attic from Gardigo
Anti-Marten Duo
Dual connect For connection to car battery AND Mobile use with battery operation Anti-Marten Duo is our most versatile marten scarer. In case of marten problems in the car it can be hooked up to the car battery by using the included...
Maus-Lebendfalle Käfig 2er Set - die tierfreundliche Art, Mäuse loszuwerden im 2er-Set von Gardigo
Mouse Live Trap - Set of 2 - Made in Germany
Cage trap for small and large mice for catching live mice The last couple of mild winters were ideal for mice. The rodents were able to reproduce rapidly and cause problems around the house. But how can you control this situation without...
Insektenhotel XXXL Made in Germany – das große Insektenhotel, gefertigt in einer sozialen Einrichtung, von Gardigo
Insect Hotel XXXL – Made in Germany
for supporting solitary bees and many other insect species boxes can be opened and filled to your liking In a large garden, a great variety of beneficial insects can be fostered and supported. Ideally with an extra large insect nesting...
Vogel-Abwehr Falke – die falkenähnliche Vogelscheuche zum Aufhängen von Gardigo
Bird Deterrent Falcon
for patios and balconies string included sways in the wind Many smaller birds and even pigeons keep their distance from birds of prey such as falcons. With our Bird Deterrent Falcon you can now make use of this natural behaviour. Simply...
Vogel-Abwehr Eule – die Eulenattrappe mit reflektierenden Augen und drehbaren Kopf gegen Vögel von Gardigo
Bird Deterrent Owl
Scares birds, rabbits and other animals lifelike dummy predator movable head For many smaller birds, rabbits and other animals, our Bird Deterrent Owl looks like a real bird of prey. They will be scared and try to find a safer place. Its...
Schlag-Mausefalle 10er-Set DE – die Mausefalle in Schwarz, Rot, Gold für den Einsatz oder als Geschenk- und Bastelidee von Gardigo
Mouse Spring Trap Set of 10
Germany edition in the German national colours the craziest fan for this season The black red and gold mouse traps are a real looker at every football party – and also very useful. They can hold your bet money, close bags of crips or...
Anti Collision Bird Stickers - Native Birds
Anti Collision Bird Stickers - Native Birds
The decorative way of protecting window panes 5 pieces black on the outside colorful print on the inside Our Anti Collision Bird Stickers - Native Birds are designed to increase the visibility of panorama windows and conservatories for...
Marder-Abwehrgürtel 2er-Set – der Schutzgürtel gegen kletternde Marder von Gardigo
Marten Defense Belt, set of 2
for downpipes protect your attic protective rubber caps included Martens will do great damage in lofts and attics. They often use the downpipes as a climbing aid. With the Gardigo Marten Defense Belt you can now put a barrier in their...
Cat Tree Barrier – The belt with spikes as an obstacle for hunting cats from Gardigo
Cat Tree Barrier
Defence Belt for trees protect birds and nesting boxes protective rubber caps included To prevent cats from reaching nesting boxes or nests of songbirds, they shouldn’t be able to climb up the trees. The Gardigo Cat Tree Barrier is...
Fliegen-Wedler – das rotierende Abwehrgerät gegen Fliegen am Esstisch von Gardigo
Fly Scare
What is the greatest annoyance when you are having a meal? What will spoil your appetite? That's right, the common house fly. The insects will sit on your food or buzz around your dining table. No matter how often you chase them away by...
Solar-Wasser-Tierabwehr – der schonende Wasserschreck gegen ungebetene Tiere in Ihrem Garten von Gardigo
Solar Water Animal Repellent
Erschreckt Tiere schonend mit einem Wasserstrahl with PIR motion sensor adjustable spray coverage Are you having uninvited animal visitors in your garden? Dogs, cats, raccoons, rabbits, birds, game and even herons can be startled by a...
Nager-Barriere Stahlwolle – die Barriere, die Löcher und Risse stopft und Nager draußen lässt, von Gardigo
Rodent Barrier Steel Wool
for sealing holes and cracks keep mice and rats away without poison Mice and rats will get into the house through the smallest of holes and cracks. With their sharp teeth, they will eat their way even through expanding foam. This is why...
Fly Scare Professional
Fly Scare Professional
comes with inductive charging tray chases away flies from buffets, food counters etc. one battery charge is sufficient for an entire working day comfortable charging with inductive tray hanger for ceiling mount integrated into the bottom...
Holz-Rattenfalle – die klassische der Rattenbekämpfung von Gardigo
Wooden Rat Trap
The pest control classic with powerful spring When talking about rat traps, most people will think of a classic spring-loaded bar mounted to a wooden board - just like the Gardigo Wooden Rat Trap. Although this type of trap has been...
Mausefalle - Schlagfalle 10er-Set – das große Fallenset aus robusten Kunststoff-Fallen von Gardigo
Snap Trap - Set of 10
Mouse trap, set of 10 Can be used for mice and small rats easy to clean touching the mouse is not required to release it Are you having massive problems with mice? Our Snap Trap Set of 10 will help you getting even a large mouse...
Solar Tier-Abwehr – der Tiervertreiber mit Ultraschall, Bewegungsmelder und Solarpanel von Gardigo
Dual Solar Animal Defense
Effective for mice, dogs, cats, rabbits, ect. With dual-speakers and motion sensor Many types of animals have a very acute sense of hearing and can hear ultrasound very well, unlike humans. Our Dual Solar Animal Defense uses this trait...
Natural Moth-Stops, Set of 12
Natural Moth-Stops, Set of 12
made from cedar wood moths dislike the scent of cedar wood Are clothing moths eating their way through your wardrobe? This hungry pest feeds on textiles made from animal hair, such as wool and fur. To get rid of it is not easy, as noone...
Marten Mat Mobile – the portable marten mat from Gardigo
Marten Mat Mobile
Collapsible for easy transport Poison, smell and technology free With clip mechanism, foldable for transport Marten problems around the car often happen when the vehicle has been parked in several different marten territories. Once the...
Flight-Insects Professional 150 m²
Flight-Insects Professional 150 m²
Mosquito protection in the house - the mosquito lamp for 150 m². Attracts flying insects and destroys them with a high-voltage grid Covered area 150 m² Professional version incl. 2x 20 watt UV fluorescent tubes The Gardigo Flight-Insects...
Wühlmausfalle 4er-Set Bayerisch – der Klassiker unter den Wühlmausfallen von Gardigo
Bavarian Vole Trap, Set of 4
for a neat lawn The style of wire trap, also known as a Bavarian style trap, is a vole control classic. It’s high impact force eliminates rodents quickly and painlessly. Voles feed on roots of plants in your garden. This may cause great...
Wühlmaus-Falle Profi – die professionelle und zuverlässige Wühlmausfalle von Gardigo
Professional Vole Trap
easy tensioning, re-usable Sturdy metal trap Easily tensioned within seconds by stepping on it For most vole traps it is necessary to dig a hole and opening the tunnel. This is not easy and it takes a lot of skill and suitable tools....
Insect-Killer 50 m² with UV lamp
Insect-Killer 50 m² with UV lamp
Attracts flying insects, like mosquitos and kills them fast and clean on the high-voltage grid For areas up to appr. 50 m² Ultraviolet can attract many types of flying insects. Our Insect-Killer 50 m² helps you to make use of this...
Ratten-Lebend-Falle Metall – die Lebendfalle aus Metall, die in einem Handgriff aufgebaut ist, von Gardigo
Live Rat-Trap Metal
Easily set up Set it fast and easy Rats and mice will not be harmed The Live Rat-Trap Metal can be folded flat and then set up again with only one hand. The mechanism inside makes this happen almost by itself. The trap is easily...
Maus-Lebend-Falle XL – die große Falle mit empfindlichen Auslöser zum Fangen von Mäusen und Ratten von Gardigo
Live Mouse Trap XL
for big and small mice Sensitive trigger, especially designed for catching mice You would like to get rid of mice in the house, but killing an animal is out of the question? That is exactly what the Gardigo Live Mouse Trap XL is for....
Maulwurf-Schreck Mini – der batteriebetriebene Maulwurfschreck Mini für den Winter und schattige Gärten von Gardigo
Mini Mole Repellent
small gadget, big outcome With oscillation and aluminium rod With battery change cylinder Covers approx. 700 m² Especially in winter or in a shady garden a battery operated Mole Repellent is the means of choice for problems with moles...
Wasp Trap, Set of 3
Wasp Trap, Set of 3
Natural wasp trap Can be used hanging and standing No chance of escape In late summer wasp can be a nuisance. To distract them from the coffee table in the garden or on the terrace, simply place our Wasp Traps in a couple of metres...
Insekten-Roll-Klebefalle mit Timer – die Insektenklebefalle, die sich automatisch aufrollt um weitere Fliegen zu fangen, von Gardigo
Glue Roll Insect Trap with Timer
Hygienic: ideal for the food industry – insects got caught by adhesive film Comfortable: continuous rolling adhesive surface prevents manual intervention Timer for automatic on-off switching The Glue Roll Insect Trap with timer may be...
Flying Insect Killer Pro 70 qm 2 x 8 W
Flying Insect Killer Pro 70 qm 2 x 8 W
Mosquitoes – house flies – bugs Are you having problems with insects in the house or in your flat? Flies and mosquitoes are attracted by the scent of food and humans. When we open the windows to let some air in, these flying insects get...
Maus-Roll-Falle – die rollende Maus-Lebendfalle für Eimer von Gardigo
Rolling Mouse Trap
Turn a bucket into a live trap! fast and easy live trap for barns, attics, basemenst & storerooms When you are having problems with large populations of mice or rats, for example in the basement or in a shed, snap traps are not the most...
Tierabwehr Dornen-Leiste 20er-Set – die Abwehr-Leiste aus robustem Kunststoff, die Tiere fernhält, von Gardigo
Spike Strips – Set of 20
causes discomfort, but no harm with pointy plastic spikes Are you having problems with cats leaping onto walls and fences and getting into your garden this way? Or do small birds sit on your windowsills and balcony railings and leave...
Maus-Alarm-Falle – die Mausfalle mit Alarmton und Lichtsignal von Gardigo
with 2 traps and entrances! Signal when the traps are triggerd! When you set a mouse trap and forget about it, unsavory situations can happen rather quickly. Our Mouse-Alarm-Trap is designed to help you avoid such mishaps. The sturdy...
Solar Ameisen-Abwehr – der Ameisenschreck mit Schall und Solarpanel von Gardigo
Solar Ant Repellent
Slim design, great range Repels ants and keeps them away permanently Ideal for ant infested flowerpots The perfect precaution against an ant invasion The Gardigo Solar Ant Repellent disturbs Ants with sound. It is simply stuck into the...
Tauben-Abweiser – die Barriere ohne spitze Stacheln von Gardigo
Dove spiral
without pointy spikes easy to mount and trim cover a length of up to 5 m Keep away pesky pigeons that make a mess on balconies balustrades, ledges and sills. Instead of pointy spikes on which the animals could hurt themselves, this...
Vogelhaus Kaffeehaus – das stilvolle Vogelhaus für eine kurze Kaffeepause von Gardigo
Bird House Café
A neat nesting box The Bird House Café is not a bland nesting box, but a decorative eye catcher in gardens, sitting or children’s rooms. As a nesting box the Bird House is of great use for the eco system in your garden. Birds can nest...
Vogelhaus Wohnwagen – das dekorative Vogelhaus, bei dem Strandfeeling aufkommt, von Gardigo
Bird House Caravan
The Gardigo Bird House Caravan is more than just a nesting box. It can also be used as a decorative object in sitting or children’s rooms. Its entrance hole is ideally sized for great titmice, tree sparrows and nuthatches. A great eye...
Fly Swatter – Set of 2
Fly Swatter – Set of 2
Set of 2, so you can have a swatter at hand wherever it is needed flexible swatter head to avoid unsightly stains on the wall Is there never a fly swatter within reach when you need one? A single swatter is simply not enough for most...
Maus-Sprung-Falle – Die glatte Mäuselebendfalle zum Einhängen an Eimern von Gardigo
An innovative bucket trap fast and easy live trap for barns, attics, basemenst & storerooms An ordinary bucket can be converted into a mouse and rat trap by using our Mouse-Plank Trap. Simply hang it on the edge of the bucket and lean a...
Marten Deterrent Mat
Marten Deterrent Mat Unpleasant to walk on for martens Easy to roll up to store in the car boot for mobile use Avoid marten damage Is a marten wreaking havoc in your engine bay? If you are lucky the animal only leaves behind dirt and...
Fledermaus-Kasten – der natürliche Unterschlupf zum Überwintern von Gardigo
Bat Nesting Box
A natural roosting aid for bats for attracting bats a clean and dry shelter for the animals Bats don’t have an easy life. Natural crevices and cavities in trees are becoming scarce. Even roosting places around human settlements are hard...
Schlag-Rattenfalle – die robust Schlagfalle für Haus und Hof von Gardigo
Rat Trap
For houses and farms Made from durable synthetics Easy to clean Re-usable Many people are disgusted by rats. The inhabitants of the sewers spread germs and bacteria wherever they go. That is why rat control is particularly important....
Wühlmaus-Falle – die wiederverwendbare Tunnelfalle von Gardigo
Vole Trap
A re-usable tunnel trap catches voles coming from either direction easily tensioned Voles dig their tunnels directly underneath the surface of your lawn, as they feed on roots and vegetables. The plants suffer immensely and will...
Igelhaus Bausatz DIY – das Igelhaus zum Zusammenbauen und aus Holz von Gardigo
Hedgehog House
Das Gardigo Igelhaus ist ein gut geschütztes Überwinterungsquartier, das Igeln hilft den Winter gut zu überstehen und den Schneckenbefall im Garten zu regulieren.
Maus-Ratten-Köder – der giftfrei Lockstoff mit Schokoladenduft von Gardigo
Mouse & Rat Attractant
Lures mice and rats in the trap The 15 ml tube lasts for approx. 30 applications Attract mice with what they like - chocolate. Our non-tox attractant in a tube lures mice and rats into traps with its irresistible chocolate aroma. The...
Vogel-Bar – Die Futterstation mit gemütlichem Ambiente und ausreichend Verpflegung im Winter von Gardigo
Bird Bar
Attracts birds Keeps the food clean and dry Natural and beautiful Every year winter comes and food for birds becomes scarce. The birds that remain in these climes make us happy, even in winter, but they are also often hungry and grateful...
Marten-Repellent, Mobile – the versatile triple defence for your marten problem from Gardigo
Marten-Repellent, Mobile
High voltage in combination with ultrasound and bright blinding light Changing frequency prevents habituation effect Vibration sensor: indentifies if the car moves Marten-Repellent, Mobile is a triple defence for your marten problem....
Fluginsektenvernichter 25qm mit UV-Licht – der Insektenvernichter mit verschiedenen Aufhängungen und praktischer Kabelführung von Gardigo
Insect-Killer for flying insects with UV-lamp
Fluorescent UV tube and cleaning brush included Attracts flying insects, like mosquitos and kills them fast and clean on the high-voltage grid With integrated collecting box and cleaning brush Flying insects invade our homes through open...
Insect Catcher
Insect Catcher
Remove Insects from your house Catch live insects and spiders to release them into nature no touch required - hygienic removal of insects and spiders with telescopic handle and magnifying glass Insects are fascinating creatures, but you...
Flea Comb Bzzz
Flea Comb Bzzz
Get rid of fleas Are fur parasites troubling your pets? Despite careful grooming, cats and dogs will catch annoying fleas every now and then. Getting rid of these blood sucking insects is not easy. Remove pesky parasites from your pet’s...
Insect Trap with Smart Vacuum
Insect Trap with Smart Vacuum
Attracts insects with UV light Air draft sucks mosquitoes into the collecting container We are all too familiar with the problems that flying insects may cause: Flies get too close to our food, mosquitos bite and leave us with itchy...
Spinnen-Feind LED – der Ultraschall-Spinnenvertreiber mit Nachtlicht-Funktion von Gardigo
Spider-Repellent LED
to prevent large and small spiders from entering the house with LED nightlight developed in germany! Do spiders scare you? Most of them are harmless, but many people find spiders scary or disgusting. But what can you do about arachnids...
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