Re-usable Vole trap

Catch voles in their underground tunnels!

  • Easy tensioning
  • Catches from both tunnel directions
  • Catching success visible through the tension lever position
  • No-touch emptying
  • Easy to rinse and re-use
  • Control rodents now with the GARDIGO vole trap!
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Catch voles in their underground tunnels with the re-usable vole trap from GARDIGO. Because... more

Catch voles in their underground tunnels with the re-usable vole trap from GARDIGO.

Because vole tunnels usually run directly underneath the surface of the lawn, they are easy to find. They are often visible to the naked eye. Where you can't see them directly, you can find them with a metal rod that you stick into the ground. The vole tunnel usually runs where it is easy to push into the ground at first and then more difficult. Use a hole digger or small spade to dig a hole into which the trap fits exactly. If you still don't have the necessary tools, you can also find the GARDIGO vole trap accessory set here.

The GARDIGO trap catches from both directions. Bait is not necessary. The rodents move through their tunnels in search of food anyway. As soon as they move the trigger, the trap closes. You can tell from the position of the tensioning lever whether the trap has triggered. This is a handy feature because you don't have to remove the trap from the ground to see if a vole is caught. 


By pulling the lever, the trapped mouse can be removed from the trap without touching it. Since the vole trap is made of plastic, it can be easily rinsed under clean water to clean it. This means it can be used again and again.


Protect your vegetable beds and flowers in the garden from hungry voles now!


Technical data:

Dimensions: 6.1 x 19.3 x 6.1 cm

Power supply: none
Place of use: garden, garden patches, lawn, outdoors, raised beds
Operating principle: snapt trap
Animal: vole
Gebrauchsanweisung Wühlmausfalle (PDF) more
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