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All products based on frequency our repellents. They do not attract animals nor do they kill them. Our high voltage devices against martens are designed as repellents and do not cause a lethal electrocution. Our insect lamps have been equipped with a special label.

Sound waves are categorised according to the frequency response:
Infra-sound (subsonic) are sound waves with a frequency under 16 Hz and cannot be detected by the human ear.
Audible sound are sound waves with the frequency between 16 Hz and 20 kHz. This is the normal hearing range of the young person.
Ultrasonic are sound waves with a frequency between 20 kHz and 1.6 kHz. This frequency cannot be detected by humans, but can be detected by most animals.
Hypersound is a frequency above 1 GHz. These high frequencies do not distribute easily.

Compared to humans most animals can perceive frequencies outside of the human hearing range. For many animals hearing has one main function: protection. Animals detect dangers and predators by hearing them before they see them. If their surroundings emit a constant noise, many animals will feel threatened and automatically leave the area. The constant noise will also make the animals uncomfortable, especially if there is a constant frequency change, not letting the animals get used to the noise.

Perceiving sound can be very different with animals and insects. Some have ears based on the similar function of the human ear, others perceive sound waves with their hair or their feelers. But all creatures live on the same principle: if they feel disturbed or are affected in any negative way by their surroundings, then they will sooner or later leave the area, unlikely to return.

After what time do sonic devices become effective?

Depending on the animal in question you should have a little patience. Sonic devices are designed to get rid of animals in a certain area and to keep them away permanently. With the constant use of the sonic device you need to calculate an average of 1 to 2 weeks before achieving first results. Some animals already accustomed to the noise might need for weeks to move to another area. Usually the activity of the animals becomes more in the first week as it is trying to find the source of the disturbance in the hope of eliminating it. This should not alarm you. Sometimes night active animals will be seen during the day and vice versa. This is a sure sign that the animals feel uncomfortable and that something has changed in their territory. It is also a sure sign that they are prepared to move to a new territory.

The most important point is a constant use of the sonic device. We only advise switching off a sonic device for one or two days when getting rid of moles. Mice, rats, martens and ants should stay under a constant sound attack, ideally with changing frequencies.

Please note that the instruction manual needs to be followed carefully when repelling moles and voles successfully. The use of more than one device can be very helpful.


The following names have the identical meaning: ultrasound - ultrasonic sound - ultrasonic waves.

Electronic pest repellents
The electronic pest repellents get rid of many animals and insects. Ultrasonic sound waves are generated by using the newest technological and scientific methods.

The effect of ultrasonic sound.
Most animals and insects can detect very high frequencies, ultrasonic sound, and perceivable to the human ear. Specific frequencies and intensities in a continuous variation have the result that specific animals and insects will leave the area without being harmed or killed.

How does it work?
By cutting into or disturbing their food chain, the communication chain or the social behaviour of the animals in question.

The environmentally friendly solution.
The way in which the animals and insects are driven away conserves the environment and protects the health of humans. The Gardigo products used neither chemical nor poisonous substances.

The first results.
Depending on the type and extent of the vermin, you will notice an improvement after 3 to 15 days. Rodents will leave the area within a short time, but insects may become more active shortly before leaving the nests.

Placing the pest repellents.
This point is very important if you want to achieve the maximum effect. When getting rid of rodents it is best that the device is near to the place where they come in or look for their food. When getting rid of insects who distribute one or more devices in the same room in which they appear.

Advice on the use.
Ultrasonic waves cannot penetrate walls, floors and ceilings, but they will bounce back from the. The stronger the echo effect is in the room, the easier the ultrasonic sound waves can spread. In a room with a good echo sound can easily penetrate into every corner and into cracks. Thick carpets will absorb the sound, so consider taking out the carpet if possible. The devices should not be placed behind furniture, curtains or other sound absorbing objects. These inhibit or reduce the ultrasonic waves and therefore reduce the effect. It would then be necessary to use two devices or a device with a higher sound pressure.

In order to achieve best results the ultrasonic devices should remain in continuous function.

Please note: sometimes pets will show a slight unrest for a few hours before they behaved normally again.

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