Bird Nesting Box Stone Cottage | decorative birdhouse


Decorative nesting aid

  • birdhouse for titmice and pied flycatchers
  • eye catcher in your garden - with real stones
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The Bird Nesting Box Stone Cottage is not only a nesting opportunity, but also a decorative eye... more

The Bird Nesting Box Stone Cottage is not only a nesting opportunity, but also a decorative eye catcher in your garden. The entrance hole diameter of 30 mm makes it ideally suited for many types of titmice and pied flycatchers.

The birdhouse has a flap on its back for cleaning, as most birds are unable to remove their old nesting material on their own. We recommend cleaning it as late as winter, as many bird species will breed several times a year.


  1. Hang the bird house in sunny spot, sheltered from wind and rain.
  2. The front of the house should ideally be facing south.
  3. Please leave the house hanging in winter. Birds are nesting and overwintering in it.

Dim.: 18.5 x 25 x 18.5 cm (W x H x D)

Place of use: sheltered outdoor areas
Operating principle: nesting aid
Animal: bluetit, coal tit, crested tit, marsh tit, pied flycatcher, willow tit
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customer reviews on "Bird Nesting Box Stone Cottage | decorative birdhouse"
7 Mar 2022

Immer wieder begeistert

Ich kaufe alle paar Jahre dieses Vogelhaus (ist bereits mein 4. in 10 Jahren) - es wird immer wieder als Nistplatz besucht, ist aufgrund der Witterung dann irgendwann nicht mehr so hübsch und dann ersetze ich es. Immer wieder gerne.

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