Box Tree Moth Trap | pheromone trap for monitoring

Insecticide-free early detection

  • Monitoring trap
  • including pheromone attractant for an entire garden season
  • for hanging or sticking onto a flower support stick
  • detect box tree moth infestation early on
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Box tree moth monitoring The Gardigo Box Tree Moth trap is for monitoring and observing the... more

Box tree moth monitoring

The Gardigo Box Tree Moth trap is for monitoring and observing the box tree moth infestation in your garden. The required pheromone attractant for an entire garden season is included in the delivery. It attracts box tree moths in a range of up to 180 m². Their hungry larvae can strip box trees bare and do devastating destruction.

Box tree moth control

The box tree moth is an invasive pest insect that was brought to Europe from Asia only few years ago, but is already causing great damage. The caterpillars have no natural predators here. The larvae absorb the toxins of the box tree, which makes their taste unattractive for birds and other animals – and they can be poisonous to them.

As the box tree moths prefer to lay their eggs onto trees with no previous infestation, the pest is spreading rapidly. This is why box tree moth monitoring is so important. Detecting an infestation early on allows you to take counter measurements in time to protect your box tree plants. For this purpose, a chart into which the number of caught insects can be filled in is included in the manual. The resulting infestation diagram is a visual aid that will help you keep control over your garden.

Setting a box tree moth trap

A string for hanging the trap is included in the delivery, but it can also be stuck onto a flower support stick (not included). For this purpose, a holder is integrated into the bottom of the trap.

Keep out of reach of children. Use only according to instructions. We accept no liability for the consequences of improper use.


  • Contents: Box Tree Moth Trap, 4x pheromone dispenser
  • Dimensions: height: 22 cm; ⌀ 11 cm
Power supply: none
Place of use: outdoors
Special feature: wall mount / hanger
Operating principle: bait station
Animal: Buchsbaumzünsler
Gebrauchsanweisung Buchsbaumzünslerfalle (PDF) Befallsdiagramm (PDF) more
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