Animal Scram Barrier | Set of 12 scat mats with spikes

600416_Tier-Verdufter-Barriere_6er_HWP-Empfehlung-3-22 600416_Tier-Verdufter-Barriere_6er_HWP-3-22

With removable scented bowls

  • Animal repellent spike panel made of soft plastic
  • for animal repellent granules or home remedies
  • for problems with dogs, cats, martens, rabbits and slugs
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Animal repellent panels with soft plastic spikes are very popular, as dogs, cats, rabbits and... more

Animal repellent panels with soft plastic spikes are very popular, as dogs, cats, rabbits and other four legged visitors find them uncomfortable to walk on, but at the same time the spikes will do them no harm.

Some animals are very persistent, though, and may stubbornly ignore cat spikes and ordinary scat mats.

For severe cases, Gardigo’s Animal Scram Barrier has removable trays, which can be filled with animal repellent granules (sold separately) or home remedies. Animals with insensitive paws may still have a sensible nose!

Martens can be very persistent as well. For problems with martens around the car, we recommend using the Animal Scram Barrier in the garage or under the carport.

To prevent animals from stepping into the bowls, they are equipped with small spikes. The drain holes prevent filling up with rainwater.

The bowls are simply stuck onto the animal repellent panel. For cleaning and re-filling, they can be removed.

The panels’ connectors allow for individual arrangement. Around garden patches they are usually assembled in long rows, for other problems they may be set up like a large carpet.


  • Dimensions: approx. 14.5 x 3 x 47 cm each (W x H x D)
Operating principle: odour, physical barrier
Power supply: none
Place of use: barn, car, electric car, garage, indoor, loft, outdoors, sheltered outdoor areas, stable
Heimwerker Praxis - 3/2022 more

Heimwerker Praxis - 3/2022


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customer reviews on "Animal Scram Barrier | Set of 12 scat mats with spikes"
7 Sep 2022

sehr gut

Funktioniert super bei meinen Katzen.

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