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The situation is serious:

Insects and many other animals are suffering from shrinking habitats, pesticide use, parasites and climate change. Many species that were once plentiful are now on the red list.




Humanity depends on insects, as they pollinate flowers and plants. We are at the beginning of an ecological disaster. Let’s do something about it - together!

GARDIGO comes to the rescue!

With our wooden insect hotels, nesting aids and feeders you can do good and support the wildlife in your garden or even on your balcony.

As a company, we are going the next step by manufacturing these products in an environmentally responsible, social and climate friendly way. We have developed an entirely new concept for our wooden products, which is best explained by our three seals:




Sustainability is not limited to our product range

We are taking measures against the decline of insects - because we care!

We set up three bee hives at our logistics centre. Their inhabitants collect nectar on the neighbouring wildflower meadows and pollinate the flowers.




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