Pest control plus | vermin & mouse repellent | ultrasound & electromagnetic field

The Gardigo Bug Repellent against mice and other vermin.

  • Animal repellent with ultrasound & electromagnetic field
  • Repels mice, ants, silverfish etc.
  • Adjustable: fixed frequency or varying frequency
  • Integrated night light
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The problem with mice: Mice in the house will cause quite a number of problems. On the one... more

The problem with mice:

Mice in the house will cause quite a number of problems. On the one hand, although small, they will cause quite a bit of irritating noise when gnawing at material or running around in the walls. On the other hand mice are always in search of food and will rummage around your pantry and kitchen, destroying whatever food they find and making it inedible for humans. Even after a short period of time the numbers will multiply causing havoc. The consequences of that this is a risk of your health health and high costs for food and renovation.

The problem with silverfish:

Silverfish are quite harmless, but also quite disgusting. They seem to appear out of nowhere and can be found in many secluded corners in the house. Rooms do not feel hygienic and one doesn‘t really feel comfortable anymore.

The problem with ants:

Absolutely silent and nearly undetected, ants can become an unhygienic threat to your house. Within a short time they will build their nest and multiply at an astounding speed. They will roam through the whole house in search of food, feeding on anything they can find. Their target is food which is not thoroughly sealed in a container or fruit lying out in the open and once they are founded you can be sure that it is spoilt within a few hours.

The Gardigo Bug Repellent is an efficient repellent against ants, mice, silverfish and other bugs and vermin and will keep your rooms free of all these pests. The device emits ultrasonic frequencies and generates an electromagnetic field that these pests find so irritating, that they will move to a different area. Connect the device to a socket of your mains and it will generate an electromagnetic field within the room. The ultrasonic sound is emitted from the front of the device into the room. The electromagnetic fields and the ultrasonic sound can both not be detected by humans and are absolutely safe, but are highly effective against mice, silverfish and ants.


  • Varying ultrasonic frequencies: 20,000–40,000 Hz
  • Set ultrasonic frequency: 55,000 Hz
  • Electromagnetic field: 180 seconds ON / 180 seconds OFF
  • Covered area: 230m²
  • Power supply: 230 V A/C, ~ 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: < 3,5 W
Operating principle: ultrasound
Animal: ants, mouse, rat, roach, silverfish
Place of use: garage, indoor, loft
Power supply: power outlet
Special feature: night light
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