Gardigo offers products that repel animals in an environmentally friendly way. For Gardigo, fending off animals and insects does not mean harming them or causing pain. It just suggests to them that they should change to a more convenient and comfortable location. This allows humans to have a better quality of life with the use of Gardigo products, without having to harm the animals.

Pets are part of our daily life. We love animals and we love to live with them. However, there are areas where we do not necessarily want our pets or other animals to be, such as bedrooms, fruit trees, ponds, sandpits, pantries, etc..

The product range of Gardigo uses a variety of methods to keep away mosquitoes, dogs, cats, weasels, birds, moles and other uninvited guests.

We have the ideal solutions for problems and conflicts with animals. Some are very specialised and some will repel a wide range. With our products you can keep herons away from your ponds, birds out of your fruit trees, moles from your garden lawns. Snails and voles will not eat your vegetables, wasps, mice and rats will stay away from the area. Raccoons will stay away from your dustbin and wild animals from your garden. If the neighbours cat or dog wants to use your garden as a toilet, it will soon decide to go somewhere else. If a marten feels comfortable in your car or in the attic it will quickly be encouraged to leave the area and dissuaded from causing any more damage.

All Gardigo frequency based products are solely designed to repel animals and do not to attract or kill them. The high-voltage products, designed to repel weasel and marten, will only shock but not kill. Our insect lamps are specially marked.

We have biologically-based sprays which will keep away ticks, horse flies and harvest mites. We also offer sprays that will make the life of your beloved pets far more comfortable without the irritating pests.

Gardigo has years of experience in the area of animal and insect repellent and has proven to be a competent partner in getting rid of pests. Ticks, harvest mites, fleas, mosquitoes and flies should be kept away from you - and we have the solution. Our pest calendar will give you information when which pests are most active.

As we also need number of useful insects and animals in our gardens we have solutions attracting them and making their lives comfortable such as nesting houses for useful insects, birds and butterflies.

Most of the products from Gardigo are developed and designed by us. We offer retailers and distributors the opportunity to choose from different sales concepts or vary these concepts. The wide and deep range of animal and insect repellents is accompanied by a large variety of display and sales stands.