Wasp trap | set of 2 | for homemade lures

Entspannter Sommer mit der Wespenfalle von GARDIGO

  • Praktisches 2er-Set
  • Natürlicher Wespenfänger ohne Gift
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The GARDIGO wasp trap is designed to catch wasps. It has a collection container filled with... more

The GARDIGO wasp trap is designed to catch wasps. It has a collection container filled with water and a homemade lure as a household remedy. Alternatively, fruit can also be used for use as a live trap.

Wasp protection for terrace & balcony

Especially on sunny days, wasps are active and can be perceived as annoying since smells attract them while searching for food. Often, these insects are also seen as a threat due to the painful sting, which can be life-threatening for allergic individuals. With our bait traps, the animals can be lured away from areas where they bother us.

Tip: Never place the traps directly in the area you want to keep wasp-free. It is ideal to use them with a little distance, for example, around the coffee table.

Making bait for wasp traps yourself

Fill a mixture of sugar and vinegar water into the traps and add 2–3 drops of dish soap. The sweet scent attracts wasps.

Protecting bees

The addition of vinegar keeps bees away. Due to the special design, attracted insects easily find their way into the trap but find it difficult to get out.


  • Contents: 2 pieces
  • 2 entry holes each
  • For hanging or placing
  • Size: 95 x 110 mm
Power supply: none
Place of use: garden, outdoors, patio
Operating principle: bait station
Animal: wasp
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customer reviews on "Wasp trap | set of 2 | for homemade lures"
22 May 2024


Mit der richtigen Mischung im Topf klappt's tatsächlich: Fruchtsaft mit Zucker vermischen, ein Spritzer Spüli und, ganz wichtig damit keine Bienen in die Falle gehen, noch etwas Essig dazu - fertig und perfekt!

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