Wirksam gegen Marder, Wild, Reiher, Wühlmäuse, Katzen, Spinnen, Wespen, Hunde, Maulwürfe, Ameisen, Mücken, Vögel, Mäuse und Fliegen

Getting rid of pesky animals.

Animals enrich our lives. The singing of birds in the morning, especially in the spring after a long winter, dogs and cats as faithful companions, all these are things that we treasure. However, there are also moments and places where animals are not wanted and do not belong, because they cause damage, leave their excrements and make everything dirty. In these cases you have to intervene, preventing them from entering the area or causing damage, without harming the animals.

Gardigo offers a wide range of devices repelling animals in a friendly way by using ultrasound. Larger properties and gardens, where the neighbors are little further away, are ideal for the use of Gardigo Animal Repellents. The more sophisticated animal repellents use a PIR motion sensor which will automatically detect stray animals at a distance of up to 15 m and then emit an ultrasonic sound scaring them away. PIR motion detectors will only detect movements of warm bodies e.g. if a leaf or a tree moves in front of the device, then the device will not be activated. This has a great advantage on the battery life.

The frequency of the emitted sound waves varies from device to device and from animal to animal. The ultrasonic frequency range starts at about 16,000 Hz which is the hearing limit of the human ear. Only people with very good hearing and small children can perceive frequencies of 18,000 Hz and sometimes even 20,000 Hz. The emitted ultrasonic frequencies are for animals a clearly heard noise which they will usually find quite irritating, making them feel uncomfortable. Within a short period of time the animals will start looking for a quieter whereabouts. This effect will take place, depending on the animal and it stress level, within a few days, at the longest, a few weeks.

Just like with humans the animals will adapt and get used to certain conditions. A ticking clock can get onto your nerves, especially at night, but after a few days you will often adapt and not notice the ticking any more. The same happens if the animals are subjected to the continuous same noise. To countermand this effect many devices work with varying frequencies. This prevents that the animals get used to the noise and ignore it. In addition it is advisable to switch off the device every two or three weeks for one or two days. This is why most Gardigo devices have a separate On/Off switch.

Devices, such as the Mole Repellent emit vibrations covering 360° of the area around the device. Devices with loudspeakers using ultrasonic sound can usually cover a range of 150°. This has the advantage that the area covered by the noise can be defined, leaving your pets enough space to feel comfortable. These devices can be aimed at targets such as sandpits, ponds or fruit trees without causing a problem with the neighbors. You might not like birds in the cherry tree but your neighbor wants birds on his patio. The Gardigo repellent devices can be set up in such a way so that there is a conflict.