Ultrasonic cat repellent | inaudible to humans & dogs


The electronic cat repellent from GARDIGO

  • Repel cats with ultrasound
  • 55 kHz-Technology: inaudible to humans & dogs
  • Flexible use: powered by batteries or wall plug transformer (sold seperately)
  • IP44
  • Protect your garden now!
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Keep cats out of the garden with the GARDIGO cat repellent – also suitable for dog owners!... more

Keep cats out of the garden with the GARDIGO cat repellent – also suitable for dog owners!

Cats are wonderful pets, but when they sneak around your yard where you don't want them, it can be a real challenge for dog owners. Our product offers a pet-friendly way to keep uninvited guests away.

Environmentally friendly and non-violent: 

The cat repellent is an electronic cat deterrent. The system can expel cats in a humane way without causing harm. No chemicals or traps – just a gentle ultrasound.

55 kHz ultrasonic technology: The ultrasound with a frequency of 55 kHz, which is inaudible to humans and dogs, makes your garden or patio unattractive to cats. The unwanted visitors will avoid the area with sound and prefer other places.

Specially developed for dog owners: The ultrasonic sound is imperceptible to dogs, so your loyal companion does not feel disturbed. This cat repellent is the perfect solution for households with dogs.

Intelligent motion detector: Thanks to the infrared motion sensor, it is detected when a cat approaches and the ultrasonic sound is triggered automatically. This means your garden, house entrance and living space remain cat-free, without danger to people or animals.´ 

Enjoy your garden – without any unwelcome visitors! Try our cat repellent today!


  • Frequency range: 55,000 Hz
  • Motion sensor detection angle: 70°
  • Range: up to 7 m
  • Sound pressure: approx. 90 dB
  • Power supply: 6 x AA 1.5 V Mignon battery (not included)
  • Mains operation: DC 9 V, 100 mA (power supply sold separately)
  • Protection class:IP44
Gebrauchsanweisung Katzenabwehr (PDF) more
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12 Mar 2024

Es Funktioniert einwandfrei

Das Gerät steht nun wettergeschützt vor unserer Haustür unter dem Vordach. Um bisher einwandfrei zu funktionieren.

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