Wooden Rat Trap

The pest control classic

  • With powerful spring
  • Made of wood
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When talking about rat traps, most people will think of a classic spring-loaded bar mounted to a... more

When talking about rat traps, most people will think of a classic spring-loaded bar mounted to a wooden board - just like the Gardigo Wooden Rat Trap. Although this type of trap has been known for over a century, it is still immensely popular as rodent control without a wooden trap is unthinkable for many people.

As carriers of diseases, rats are not welcome in the vicinity of human settlements. The animals live in the sewers and come into contact with a great number of bacteria and germs.

Catching a rat requires a bigger trap than catching mice and it must have a powerful spring in order to avoid any suffering. The bar of the Gardigo Wooden Rat Trap swings down with great force in order to eliminate the pest. For bait we recommend chocolate and hazelnut spread, peanut butter or liver sausage. If re-using the trap is not desired, it can be disposed of along with the rat in the household waste.

Dimensions: 8.2 x 3 x 17.5 cm (W x H x D)

Power supply: none
Animal: rat
Place of use: basement, garage, indoor, loft, outdoors, sheltered outdoor areas
Operating principle: snapt trap
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customer reviews on "Wooden Rat Trap"
13 Jul 2019

Mit dem richtigen Köder super!

Ich habe mir diese Rattenfalle gekauft und sie mit den von Ihnen empfohlenen Ködern ausprobiert. Hat alles einwandfrei funktioniert. Die Rattenplage bei mir Zuhause ist beseitigt. Einfach und praktisch, wobei man trotzdem beim spannen der Falle vorsichtig sein sollte, da diese sehr viel Kraft hat.

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Ratten-Falle mit integriertem Langzeitköder – die hygienische All-in-One-Schlagfalle von Gardigo Rat Trap
€ 8.99 € 9.99 *
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