Bird Bar | feeder

Give the birds a cozy place for feeding

  • Attracts birds
  • Keeps the food clean and dry
  • Natural and beautiful
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Every year winter comes and food for birds becomes scarce. The birds that remain in these climes... more

Every year winter comes and food for birds becomes scarce. The birds that remain in these climes make us happy, even in winter, but they are also often hungry and grateful for a good “restaurant”. Our Bird Bar is not just a simple bird feeder, but a bar with a cozy ambience made from wood. A place to which the birds like to come to and enjoy their food. In return we are able to enjoy their presence. Especially children will enjoy watching the birds picking at their food and squabbling over the seeds. The bar can be used to attract robins, finches, goldfinches sparrows and many other domestic birds. Just fill the bird house with a mixture of selected seeds and soon you will be able to watch your feathered friends. The Bird Bar should be hung up before the first snowfall or frost. This is the time when the birds look out for attractive feeding places and once they have successfully found food, you can be sure that they will be faithful and return. The Bird Bar should be hung up in a sheltered spot, so that the food and the animals perching on the bar are not exposed to the weather.


Fill the house with bird seed from the back of the house. Here you will find an opening covered with a circular piece of wood. Open the cover and fill the house.

Please note: Only feed birds when they have no other way of getting food. With the first signs of spring you should stop feeding.


  • Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 16 cm
  • Material: Wood
  • With hanger
  • Transparent plexiglass front protects the food from moisture and dirt.
Place of use: outdoors
Animal: birds, grain feeders, soft food eating birds
Operating principle: feeder
Gebrauchsanweisung Vogel-Bar (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Bird Bar | feeder"
6 Jan 2015

Schnelle Lieferung

Die Vogel-bar kaum bestellt und schon da. Da haben sich die fröstelnden Flattertiere gefreut. Plexiglasscheibe ist allerdings zu instabil

21 Dec 2014

Versorgt meine Besucher

3 Stück bestellt, aufgestellt und die Vögel haben das Gastgeschenk auch direkt angenommen. Die Qualität der Plexiglas-Scheibe ist jetzt nicht so gut, aber das stört die Vögel ja nicht ;)

14 Dec 2014

Lustige Futterstelle

Macht sich sehr gut am Baum. Die Befüllung ist aber sehr umständlich und das Material eher geht so.

11 Dec 2014

witzig gemacht.

Das andere Vogelhaus, mit einer Plastikscheibe die das Futter schützt. Das gefällt mir und den Vöglen. Lässt sich gut wieder befüllen. Die Verarbeitung könnte besser sein, die Vögel stört das aber nicht.

3 Dec 2014


Das Produkt ist ganz schick und die Vögel gehen auch drauf, aber streiten sich oft wegen der etwas zu kleinen Anflugstelle. Ansonsten alles Bestens!!!!!!

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