Metal Bait Station | use rat poison safely

For rodent poison bait

  • narrow entrance holes make it difficult to reach into the trap
  • sturdy rat trap made of 1 mm galvanized steel sheet
  • for safety, poison bait should not be lying about
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Rodents such as rats may contaminate their environment with dangerous infectious diseases. In... more

Rodents such as rats may contaminate their environment with dangerous infectious diseases. In case of an infestation, determined action is required.

Unlike mice, rats are very cautious and hard to lure into traps. Poison baits such as poison grain with a delayed action a tried and tested rat control measure that is very effective. There is only one problem with rat poison: its toxicity makes it dangerous for children and pets. For this reason, poison baits must not lie about unprotected.

With the GARDIGO Metal Bait Station, the baits can now be kept out of sight and out of reach.

It is locked with a hex screw. The narrow entrance hole makes it difficult to reach into the trap. Ordinary bait boxes often have larger openings and therefore must be longer for safety reasons.

The entrance hole of this model is still as large as the opening above the bait container inside the trap. This ensures that the rat can still reach the bait easily.

The shorter design of this trap makes it easier to find a suitable place for it or to use it discreetely.

The holes in the sides of the trap allow to fix it to a wall. For continued use over many years, the trap is made of 1 mm galvanized steel. This allows for long term rodent monitoring.

The Metal Bait Station is made in Germany, in a sheltered workshop. By buying this product, you are supporting an important social institution.


  • Dimensions: approx. 43.3 x 7.4 x 8 cm
Power supply: none
Animal: mouse, rat
Place of use: basement, garage, indoor, loft, outdoors, sheltered outdoor areas
Operating principle: bait station
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21 Feb 2022


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