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frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our products. This

1) Are the products Solar Bird Repellent and Cat and Dog Repellent watertight?
- All products designated for the use outside of the house are resistant against spray water and rain.

2) At what height should the Cat and Dog Repellent be mounted?
- It depends very much on the surroundings. In most cases the device should be mounted knee height. The active angle of both the PIR sensor and the loudspeaker is 70°. See picture. If the device is mounted too high without a slight tilt downwards then there is always a blind spot under the sensor which is not being monitored. Please also make sure that neither the PIR sensor nor the loudspeaker are covered by leaves, plants or other items.

3) Where can I find the LED power indicator on the Cat and Dog Repellent, showing me that the device is active?
- You will find the LED at the front of the device on the top right under the housing. When the battery is placed into the device and the device is switched on, the LED will switch on within next few seconds indicating the monitor function.

4) Why does the LED of the Cat and Dog Repellent sometimes flicker?
The flickering of the LED is very normal and indicates that the device is internally changing a frequency.

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