Fly Scare | Set of 4 | insect repellent fan


The electronic fly repellent from GARDIGO

  • Instead of scaring flies away with your hand or newspaper, set up the Fly Scare fans
  • Soft wings with auto-stop function
  • Shimmer stripes make the rotor appear larger to the flies
  • With built-in hanger
  • Can be used anywhere where food is left open, at meals, buffets, barbecues, etc.
  • For indoors and outdoors!
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Discover the fly scare from GARDIGO – now available in a handy set of 4! No more annoying... more

Discover the fly scare from GARDIGO – now available in a handy set of 4!

No more annoying handling with your hands or newspaper to keep annoying flies away from your food! Let the Fly Scare fans work for you. With their gentle rotor blade rotations they drive away the annoying insects – without interruption. No matter whether on the dining table, at the buffet or at the grill – this electronic helper is always ready for use.

The fly repellent fan takes care of the annoying work while you can relax and enjoy your time. No more interruptions  to shoo away the flies - after all, there are so many other things to do, like enjoying the food, having lively conversations with your guests or preparing the barbeque.

Finally experience undisturbed enjoyment of delicious food and drinks again – thanks to the GARDIGO Fly Scare fan!


  • Dimensions: 8 x 25 x 8 cm each (W x H x D)
  • Wingspan: 39.5 cm
  • Power supply: 2x AA batteries each (Mignon, not included)
Operating principle: physical barrier
Power supply: battery
Place of use: buffet, dining table, indoor, kitchen, outdoors, pantry, picnic, sheltered outdoor areas
Special feature: ON/OFF switch, wall mount / hanger
Animal: fly
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