Beer slug trap | set of 4

Beer slug trap – catch slugs without poison or chemicals

  • Use harmless home recipes such as beer as a slug attractant
  • Place  traps around the garden bed or at the property line
  • Narrow gap under the lid to keep protected roman snails away
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You can easily catch slugs with household items - in the GARDIGO slug trap in a handy set of 4.... more

You can easily catch slugs with household items - in the GARDIGO slug trap in a handy set of 4.

Beer traps as slug protection without poison have proven themselves in practice. The molluscs find the smell irresistible. Since beer can strongly attract snails and slugs, do not set the traps directly in the garden bed, but around it. Or better yet, at the property line. After all, you don't want voracious slugs finding your vegetables on their way to the trap. In addition to beer as an attractant, you can of course also try other home recipes.

You can also sink the traps into the ground. The gap under the lid is narrow enough that adult roman snails cannot fit through. This is important because these are not considered garden pests and are under environmental protection.

To prevent hedgehogs from plundering the snail traps, we recommend weighing down the lid with a stone.


Dimensions: 100 x 115 mm

Power supply: none
Place of use: garden, garden patches, outdoors, raised beds
Operating principle: bait station
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customer reviews on "Beer slug trap | set of 4"
2 May 2024

Funktioniert super

Das funktioniert ganz super, habe noch so viele Nacktschnecken auf einmal gefangen. Einfaches Mittel was perfekt klappt.....

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