Live Mouse Trap


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Live Mouse Trap

Live Mouse Trap in action

Trap mice with the Live Mouse Trap

  • A simple way of catching mice without endangering their lives.
  • The transparent housing immediately shows the success.

A mouse in the house is an unwanted guest. Mice can become a health hazard when they start raiding the larder or humans get into contact with their faeces. Getting rid of mice in your private environment is important to eliminate undesirable consequences.

Getting rid of a mouse does not necessarily mean killing it. Mice can be caught alive and released into the nature. The Gardigo Live Mouse Trap is the ideal device for this task.

The mouse enters the trap, releases the mechanism and cannot escape. When it runs towards the bait, it will automatically press down the trigger release and the door behind it will close. There is no damage to the trap and it can be used many times. The transparent housing allows a regular and easy check if any mouse has been caught. An effective and efficient way of catching mice!

Reliable, alive, painless - the Live Mouse Trap from Gardigo



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