As soon as the fish are set out in the newly built fishpond it is only a matter of time that herons will appear looking for food. Herons are usually on the move in the evening at night or early in the morning. In these times he is undisturbed and will go unnoticed by the owner of the pond.

What fish does a heron like?

Herons are not very selective with the food. Fish is fish and all tastes the same the heron. If he has been successful in catching fish once, you can be sure he will be back. Therefore it is quite useless to put you fish into the pond, because within a short time they will also be eaten. You would be feeding the heron and not cultivating fishpond. To get rid of herons you need to use effective methods.

How can I protect my fish in the pond?

In an artificial pond fish will not have a lot of areas where they can flee to from the heron. The owner of the pond cannot wait for the heron to come, because the heron will watch the pond from a distance with a lot of patience and only approach when he really feels safe to do so. The best way to scare away Heron without hurting him is to attack him with the jet of water. Although they are birds living near water, they don’t like to suddenly be sprayed with it. The reaction is similar to humans: we enjoy going for a swim, but we don’t like to be sprayed at with a water jet. The Gardigo Heron Repellent is connected to water hose. The integrated motion sensor registers the arrival of the heron, opens the valve and frantically begins to swell a stream of water in the direction of the heron. An additional clicking sound will give the bird the second fright, scaring it away. The herons are not hurt. They are only frightened and upset and after one or two encounters they will most certainly decide to look at other ponds for food.

In addition to the Gardigo Heron Repellent we recommend to put large stones and flowerpots directly on the banks of the pond. When feeding, herons will usually stand on the edge of the water or in the shallows. But as these places are then uneven or inaccessible, the feeding place becomes unattractive.

Another possibility is to keep herons away from the banks of your pond is to put up netting all strings. Putting up the statue for another heron is also quite effective. But all these possibilities can also make a garden pond ugly and unattractive. The most efficient and unobtrusive way to keep away herons is by using the Gardigo Heron Repellent.

But not only herons like eating fish. Cats can have a great time fishing in the pond and waiting for their moment. The motion sensor Gardigo Heron Repellent will react to any movement over or around the pond, scaring away any animal getting too near.