Fly Swatter | Set of 2 | black & green

The classic helper for insect protection

  • Set of 2 fly swatters: Have one at hand in every room
  • Flexible swatter head to avoid unsightly stains on the wall
  • Black & green
  • Against flies & other insects
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Is there never a fly swatter within reach when you need one? A single swatter is simply not... more

Is there never a fly swatter within reach when you need one? A single swatter is simply not enough for most homes. Ideally you place several of them in the places where insects are most annoying, e.g. one in the kitchen and one in the sitting room. This is why the Gardigo Fly Swatter is now available in a handy set of 2.

Its swatter head is made from a flexible plastic, so that insects are not so easily crushed. You only need to kill the insect. Squashing it is not necessary to achieve this. When used correctly, many stains on the walls can be avoided.

Dimensions: 9.8 x 43.8 x 0.5 cm

Power supply: none
Place of use: dining room, indoor, kitchen, outdoors, pantry, sheltered outdoor areas
Animal: fly, mosquito
Operating principle: swatter
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customer reviews on "Fly Swatter | Set of 2 | black & green"
5 Sep 2019

Sie tut was sie verspricht!

Ich hatte keine Fliegenklatsche mehr zu Hause, dafür aber immer wieder nervige Fliegen. Also dachte ich mir, ich bestell mir eine neue Fliegenklatsche oder am besten zwei damit ich immer eine griffbereit habe. Eine gute Fliegenklatsche die das tut was sie verspricht, Fliegen töten. Flecken gibts mit der auch kaum welche und am Kopf reißen wie andere Klatschen tut sie auch nicht. Also langlebig, effektiv und günstig.

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