Flying Insect Trap Professional 150 m² | our largest bug zapper!

Mosquito protection in the house - the mosquito lamp for 150 m².

  • Attracts flying insects and destroys them with a high-voltage grid
  • Covered area 150 m²
  • Professional version incl. 2x 20 watt UV fluorescent tubes
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  • 62403INTFBA
The Gardigo Flight-Insects Professional 150 m² quickly eliminates irritating mosquitoes,... more

The Gardigo Flight-Insects Professional 150 m² quickly eliminates irritating mosquitoes, flies and gnats that are around the house or at work, just waiting to annoy us. It is the ideal device to clean up living rooms and bedrooms in the evening. Offices and kitchens, where flies and gnats are attracted by the smell of food or the warm air, are freed of all flying insects. You can do your work and enjoy your food without having to continuously swipe at flies.

The special light of the UVA tubes attract insects such as mosquitoes, flies and gnats. They are then killed quickly and painlessly by the integrated high-voltage grid. The dead insects fall into a tray mounted at the bottom of the lamp. The tray is easy to remove for emptying and cleaning. The brightness of the UVA tubes will attract insects in an area of 150 m². The Flight-Insects Professional 150 m² is delivered with 2×20 watt UV lamps. Depending on the location this product it can be hung to a wall or placed on a table covered. Even ceiling mount is possible.


  • Application: Standing, wall or ceiling mount, delivery includes suspension chain
  • Voltage: 220–240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 45 Watts
  • High-voltage grid: 2200-2500 V
  • Dimensions: 645 x 105 x 320 mm
Place of use: indoor, living room, warehouse
Special feature: wall mount / hanger
Power supply: power outlet
Animal: fly, flying insects, mosquito
Operating principle: high voltage, ultra violet light
Gebrauchsanweisung Fluginsekten-Vernichter Profi 150 qm (PDF) more
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