Animal Scram Barrier | Set of 6 | scat mat with soft spikes


With removable scented bowls

  • for animal deterrent granules
  • soft plastic spikes that will do no harm
  • suitable for animals that ignore ordinary spike mats
  • for problems with dogs, cats, rabbits, slugs, martens…
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The GARDIGO Animal Scram Barrier is a versatile product to treat problems with dogs, cats,... more

The GARDIGO Animal Scram Barrier is a versatile product to treat problems with dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals that are not welcome in your garden. Soft plastic spikes make it uncomfortable to enter your property, but at the same time there is no risk of injury. In addition, the panels have 2 bowls each, which can be filled with odorous animal repellent granules or home remedies (not included), which are unpleasant for sensitive animal noses, which perceive odors a lot stronger than we do.

The bowls are simply fitted onto the panel and can be removed for cleaning or refilling. They have spikes, so that the animal cannot step into them. As the bowls should not fill up with rain water, they have drain holes.

The scat mats can be used as a marten protection under the motor compartment, as a digging protection for dogs in the garden or as a rabbit or slug protection for vegetable patches in the garden.

We recommend lavender as an odorous a rabbit repellent. Slugs dislke the scent of lemon balm. Simply try out which scent is the most effective repellent for your particular animal problem!

The prickle strips are equipped with two connectors on each side. This allows for arranging the animal deterrent panels in different ways, depending on your requirements. The may be assembled to cover a large area, like a carpet, or in long rows, e.g. around your vegetable patch.


  • Dimensions: approx. 14.5 x 3 x 47 cm each (W x H x D)
Operating principle: odour, physical barrier
Power supply: none
Animal: cats, dog, hares, martens, rabbits, slugs
Place of use: barn, car, electric car, garage, indoor, loft, outdoors, sheltered outdoor areas, stable
Heimwerker Praxis - 3/2022 more

Heimwerker Praxis - 3/2022


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