Tick Remover Set


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Tick Remover Set

Tick Remover Set in action

  • Removes ticks of any size
  • Reduces the risk of diseases transmitted by ticks

The reliable means to remove ticks.

The Tick Remover Set cannot prevent ticks, but it can minimise the risk of transferring diseases carried by the ticks when they are removed, as the tick is not squeezed. Because of this, the chance of getting tick related diseases is greatly reduced. The parasites lurk in the warm season on shrubs and on the grass. They wait for a host, from which they can feed on its blood. Whilst wearing light clothing during a walk in the countryside, ticks can very easily be picked up and they will then bury themselves in your skin. Also pets suffer greatly from ticks. Often they are only found at the end of the day and sometimes not at all. It is therefore important to check yourself and your pet for tick bites regularly for tick bites. Should you find a tick, the tick remover hooks will easily help you get rid of it. Depending on the size of the tick, push the opening of the hook underneath the tick body. Then slowly pull the tick out of the skin with a twisting movement of the hook. The great advantage is that no hair or fur is pulled out at the same time, due to the design. The set consists of a large and a small hook for all tick sizes.


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  • Dimensions: approx. 21 x 55 mm and approx. 8 x 47 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1.4 g and approx. 0.4 g
  • Material: Plastic
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