Anti Collision Bird Stickers – Exotic birds


  • Dim.: 10.7 x 12.8 – 28.8 x 20.4 cm (B x H)
  • 5 pieces
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Decorative window stickers black on the outside, colourful bird prints on the inside! bird... more

Decorative window stickers

  • black on the outside, colourful bird prints on the inside!
  • bird protection and decoration in one
  • protect your windows from birds!

Protect birds from painful or even lethal collisions, by using Gardigo’s anti collision window stickers! Our feathered friends often recognize large glass surfaces such as window panes or glass doors too late. With the stickers you may now make them visible again for the birds. They can avoid the windows and will please your every morning with their song! The window stickers for bird protection are stuck to the inside of the pane. The sticky surface, visible on the outside, is black, while the inside surfaces are printed with colourful, exotic bird motives. Ideal as a decoration for nurseries and children’s rooms.


Clean the glass surface with soapy water, to remove dirt, grease and dust. Peel the sticker off of its backing paper and ensure that the adehesive surfaces do not stick to each other. Immediately apply the sticker to the window and press it on gently. To remove any air bubbles, smoothen the surface with a soft cloth.

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customer reviews on "Anti Collision Bird Stickers – Exotic birds"
8 Mar 2023

Sehr beeindruckt

Ich bin sehr beeindruckt von diesem Kolibri-Aufklebern. Die Farben sind lebendig und sie sehen genauso hübsch aus wie Aufkleber. Bisher sind keine Vögel gegen das Fenster gestoßen.

8 Sep 2022

Sehr gut!

Mir sind immer wieder Vögel gegen das große Balkonfenster geflogen. Mit den Vögeln an der Scheibe passiert das nicht mehr.

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