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With the beginning of spring many small animals and insects such as birds, bees, butterflies and ladybugs start looking for a suitable shelter and nesting place. In the city there are only very few old trees with holes and hollows so natural places for hiding and nesting are very rare. We can help animals and insects find a place to live and nest, and at the same time dissuading them from using places where they are not welcome. Gardigo offers products which can help small birds and insects find a nesting place and home.

The Gardigo Bird Nesting House, the Butterfly House and the Insect Hotel are all individually designed homes for nesting, protection and comfort.

The special design and the selected materials attract the animals and allow them to feel comfortable, enriching your garden with the variety of nature and giving a habitat to natural pest killers. The nesting houses are easily mounted. All that is required is a nail or a piece of string wrapped around a branch. A small effort with a great effect.