Fruit Fly Trap | apple design | set of 3

Sticky trap and bait trap in one

  • decorative apple design blends in well in any kitchen
  • 3 adhesive films per trap included
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Decorative and useful Those who like to eat fresh fruit are all too familiar with fruit fly... more

Decorative and useful

Those who like to eat fresh fruit are all too familiar with fruit fly problems in the house, as the smell of fruit attracts the tiny insects. In addition to that, we carry their eggs and larvae into our kitchens and pantries as they are sitting on the fruit we buy.

Even though pomace flies, vinegar flies or wine flies, as they are also called, are harmless, the thought of eating insect larvae by accident is sickening for many people. This is why the fruit fly problem must be solved.

Our Fruit Fly Trap Apple will help you catching the insects. A liquid lure is filled into its lower half. Gardigo Fruit Fly Attractant (Art.-No. 66651) is perfect for this. The instructions also include a recipe for making attractant yourself.

Pesky fruit flies will drown in the liquid. If they prefer to fly upwards instead, they will stick to the adhesive film in the upper half of the trap. Each trap is delivered with three adhesive films.

The indentations on the trap’s „stem“ let you adjust it to your personal preferences and requirements. The wider the gap, the easier the smell of the attractant can emit. A narrower gap will make it harder for fruit flies to escape.

Its decorative appearance will make the Fruit Fly Trap Apple blend in nicely in any kitchen.


  • Dimensions: 9 x 10.9 x 9 cm
  • Including 3 adhesive films per trap
  • Liquid lure recipe included in the instruction manual
Power supply: none
Place of use: indoor, kitchen, pantry
Operating principle: bait station, sticky trap
Animal: fruit fly
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20 Jul 2019

Chaos in der WG

Obstfliegenplage in unserer Wohnung. Wir brauchten schnell eine Lösung aber meine Mitbewohnerin wollte nicht so eine hässliche normalo Obstfliegen-Falle und da wir die ein bisschen verteilen mussten war das 3er-Set perfekt. Wir haben das Lockmittel aus der Anleitung zusammengemischt und die hat auch top funktioniert. Hat zwar ein paar Wochen gedauert bis auch die letzte Fliege gefangen wurde aber das war unsere Schuld, da wir auch imemr wieder Obst mitgebracht haben.

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