Flight-Insects Trap Duo 60 m²


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Flight-Insects Trap Duo 60 m²


Do you have mosquitoes all over the house? This mosquito trap offers you a solution!

The Gardigo Flight-Insect Trap Duo 60 m² is the ideal device for getting rid of those mosquitoes where other repellents fail. The special light of the UVA tubes attracts unwanted insects such as mosquitoes or gnats. There is an additional effect with two integrated fans that suck in all mosquitoes that are nearby. Once they are sucked then they are eliminated quickly and efficiently by the high voltage grid. The product is suitable for rooms up to 60 m² and capable of keeping the room free of flying insects. The radiated UV light is guaranteed to attract all mosquitoes in the room.

For the protection of our environment and for the safety of endangered protected species, UV lamps with high-voltage grids may only be used indoors.


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From: 05.06.2016 21:17

Einfach genial

Ich bin heilfroh, dass ich mir das Gerät gekauft habe. Die Mücken lieben mein Blut, aber jetzt ist endlich Schluss damit. Das UV-Licht zieht sie zum Glück mehr an als ich! Ich möchte nicht mehr darauf verzichten.


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  • Material: ABS
  • Suction fan: 2 Integrated fans to draw into the trap
  • Voltage: 220 V - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • High-voltage grid: 800 - 1000 V
  • Dimensions: 245 x 105 x 380 mm
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