Feeding Station for Birds


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Feeding Station for Birds

Vogelfuttersäule in Aktion

Every year in winter, food sources for birds diminish. As the birds which stay in our latitudes during the cold time of year are hungry, they are grateful for every additional food source.

The Gardigo Feeding Station for Birds is made of untreated, FSC certified wood and blends in well in every garden. The carved​​​​ out log has a wire mesh on its front. On the back there is a closable opening to fill it with birdseed. The Feeding Station is equipped with a rugged suspension.

Sparrows, robins, finches, bullfinches and other birds will love their new feeding place.

Note: Please only feed birds when there are no other food sources available to them (e.g. when there is frost and snow) and stop feeding in spring.


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  • Height: ca. 20 cm
  • Diameter: ca. 8 cm
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