Bat Nesting Box

A natural roosting aid for bats

  • for attracting bats
  • a clean and dry shelter for the animals
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Bats don’t have an easy life. Natural crevices and cavities in trees are becoming scarce. Even... more

Bats don’t have an easy life. Natural crevices and cavities in trees are becoming scarce. Even roosting places around human settlements are hard to find these days, as new buildings are often air tight. Older buildings get demolished or renovated. No place for bats to stay? With the Gardigo Bat Nesting Box you can help them!

Hang the bat box at a height of 3–6 metres. Make sure that there are no flight obstacles underneath the box. Half-shaded locations, e.g. under the eaves, are particularly well suited. The animals prefer to nest in close proximity to their previous roosting places and to their conspecifics. The ideal place for the Bat Nesting Box is therefore in an area where bats are already roosting. Hanging several boxes in one place accommodates the animals’ natural behavior.

As bats feed on insects, they can be useful for us as a natural way of pest control.


  • Dimensions: approx. 40 x 32 x 11 cm
  • Material: wood
Place of use: outdoors
Operating principle: nesting aid
Animal: bat
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27 Oct 2021


Eine wirklich schöne Idee. Ich werde ab jetzt beobachten, ob auch eine Fledermaus hineinfliegt

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