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  • Dimensions: 49.5 x 115.5 x 24.7 cm (W x H x D)
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for supporting solitary bees and many other insect species boxes can be opened and filled... more
  • for supporting solitary bees and many other insect species
  • boxes can be opened and filled to your liking

In a large garden, a great variety of beneficial insects can be fostered and supported. Ideally with an extra large insect nesting aid.

The bamboo poles in our XXXL Insect Hotel are ideal for solitary bees such as mason bees, leafcutter bees and carder bees. The tubes naturally have a great variety of different diameters. This is important, as the various bee species have different needs in regard to the size of their nesting places.

The tubes are approx. 12.5 cm long. This is where many affordable nesting aids economize. But the length of the tubes is crucial, as the gender ratio depends on it. Some species will only breed drones in short nesting tubes. For raising female bees, longer tubes are necessary.

In addition, solitary bees can nest in the hardwood logs. When drilling into hardwood, fewer sharp wood fibres that could injure the insects could develop than when drilling into conifer wood. Also, sticky resin is not as much of a problem. In hardwood, cracks will not happen as easily as in conifer wood.

To support ladybirds and butterflies, the Gardigo Insect Hotel XXXL has four compartments which can be opened and filled to your liking. Dense material such as straw and wood shavings will be a great environment for many beneficial insects. Lavender and stinging nettle will draw the attention of ladybirds to the dry shelter.

The Insect Hotel XXXL is made in a sheltered workshop in Germany. These institutions enable people with disabilities to participate in work life.

Making this product in Germany saves us long transport routes and we can buy the timber on the european market, which has further ecological advantages.

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customer reviews on "Insect Hotel XXXL – Made in Germany"
26 Oct 2021


Das Insektenhotel macht sich super auf unserer Terasse. Es sieht wirklich schön und hochwertig aus, Insekten haben sich darin auch schon zu Hauf versammelt. Der Kauf hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt

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