Yellow Stickers, set of 6

Monitoring system

  • yellow sticky traps for flies and gnats
  • sticky bug catchers for problems with leaf miner flies, fungus gnats, winged aphids and other plant pests
  • sticky board trap for indoor plants
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Gardigo’s yellow sticky fly traps are bug catchers for monitoring infestation on houseplants.... more

Gardigo’s yellow sticky fly traps are bug catchers for monitoring infestation on houseplants. Many insects such as leaf miner flies, whiteflies, fungus gnats and winged greenflies can be lured into a sticky trap for gnats by the colour yellow. This allows you to catch insects with the fly paper trap without using insecticides or poison.

Plant pests often become a problem after repotting, as they get into the house with contaminated potting soil. Catch the insect with the dual sided fruit fly traps to monitor the infestation and take further actions if necessary.

The sticky boards are simply stuck into a flowerpot. In a second step, the protective foil is removed. The gnat trap’s glue is odourless to humans.


  • Scope of delivery: 6x Yellow Sticker
  • Dimensions: 6 x 10 cm each
Power supply: none
Operating principle: sticky trap
Animal: Blattläuse, Minierfliegen, Trauermücken, Weiße Fliegen
Place of use: flower pot
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