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Fruchtfliegen-Falle Apfel, 3er-Set – die dekorative & nützliche Falle gegen Obstfliegen von Gardigo
Fruit Fly Trap Apple, Set of 3
Decorative and useful Those who like to eat fresh fruit are all too familiar with fruit fly problems in the house, as the smell of fruit attracts the tiny insects. In addition to that, we carry their eggs and larvae into our kitchens and...
Fruit Fly Trap, Set of 2 incl. attractant
Fruit Fly Trap, Set of 2 incl. attractant
Controls the invasion of fruit flies into your home. For hanging or setting down. Incl. 100 mL attractant concentrate for 1 L attractant. Escape almost impossible. Fruit flies are particularly active in the summertime, flying around...
Fruit Fly Trap
Fruit Fly Trap
When ripe fruit is laying around, fruit flies are usually not far away. UV light attracts fruit flies which will then be destroyed in the high-voltage grid. Non-toxic and ordorless. Connect directly to your mains socket. When the summer...
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