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Silberfisch Klebe-Falle 3er-Set – das Leimfallen-Set gegen Silberfische von Gardigo
Silverfish Glue Trap - Set of 3
Monitoring System no poison for bathroom, cloakroom, kitchen and bedroom Everybody knows them and they are mostly harmless, but no one likes to have nocturnal visitors in the bathroom: We are talking about Silverfish. The insects feed on...
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Schaben-Vernichter – die Schabenfalle mit Hochspannungsgitter & ohne Gíft von Gardigo
Cockroach Trap
Of the Cockroach Trap with bait compartment! How do you get rid of cockroaches without using chemicals or poison? This electronic Cockroach Trap is highly effective without the use of chemicals and causes no environmental hazard....
€ 39.90 *
Ungeziefer-Abwehr Plus – das Ultraschallgerät, dass auch ein elektromagnetisches Feld gegen Ungeziefer erzeugt, von Gardigo
Bug Repellent
The problem with mice: Mice in the house will cause quite a number of problems. On the one hand, although small, they will cause quite a bit of irritating noise when gnawing at material or running around in the walls. On the other hand...
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