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Marten Repellent Ultra, car – the marten scarer with ultrasonic and quartz technology from Gardigo
Marten Repellent Ultra, car
Repels all martens with an ultrasonic frequency of 23,000 kHz! The ultrasonic frequencies protect your car from invading martens. The repellent is connected directly to the car battery. The Gardigo Marten Repellent Ultra emits an...
Wühlmaus-Falle All-In 4er-Set – das Wühlmausfallen-Set mit Sonde und Erdlochstecher und vier Fallen von Gardigo
Vole Trap All-In Set of 4
Includes probe, bulb planter tool and four Vole Traps This handy set not only includes four Gardigo Vole Traps, but also accessories which will make setting the traps much easier. With this set you may start fighting your vole problem...
Solar Tier-Vertreiber – der Ultraschallvertreiber mit Blitzlicht und Solarpanel von Gardigo
Solar Animal Repeller
Adjustable for various animal problems Problems with Marten and Mice Problems with Foxes and Racoon Problems with Dogs, Cats and Birds For treating many kinds of animal problems specifically, the Gardigo Solar Animal Repeller has an...
Flying Insect Killer Jasmin
Flying Insect Killer Jasmin
Relaxed throughout the summer Flying insects get killed on the integrated high voltage grille Are you having problems with pesky insects in the house? Especially in summer they get into our living quarters quite easily, as we like to...
Fruit Fly Trap Apple, Set of 3
Fruit Fly Trap Apple, Set of 3
Decorative and useful Those who like to eat fresh fruit are all too familiar with fruit fly problems in the house, as the smell of fruit attracts the tiny insects. In addition to that, we carry their eggs and larvae into our kitchens and...
Vogel- & Reiher-Abwehr Ballon 2er-Set – der Vogelschreck-Ballon mit Reflektoren und Flatterband von Gardigo
Bird & Heron Repellent Balloon, set of 2
Bird control without the use of technology! The eye patches scare away the birds The reflection of the glittering ribbons improves efficiency Fruit trees, terraces and ponds stay free of unwanted birds Having birds in the garden is...
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