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Tier-Barriere 6er-Set – der Grundstücks- und Gemüsebeetschutz aus weichem Kunststoff von Gardigo
Animal Barrier, set of 6
poison- and odourless, without any technology barrier for cats, slugs, rabbits and martens Slugs, snails and rabbits are going through your vegetable patch like a Biblical Plague? Cats urinate on your premises? Martens are ravaging in...
Solar Tier-Abwehr – der Tiervertreiber mit Ultraschall, Bewegungsmelder und Solarpanel von Gardigo
Dual Solar Animal Defense
Effective for mice, dogs, cats, rabbits, ect. With dual-speakers and motion sensor Many types of animals have a very acute sense of hearing and can hear ultrasound very well, unlike humans. Our Dual Solar Animal Defense uses this trait...
Solar Tier-Vertreiber – der Ultraschallvertreiber mit Blitzlicht und Solarpanel von Gardigo
Solar Animal Repeller
Adjustable for various animal problems Problems with Marten and Mice Problems with Foxes and Racoon Problems with Dogs and Cats For treating many kinds of animal problems specifically, the Gardigo Solar Animal Repeller has an adjustable...
Ultra Marten Repellent, Mobile – the mobile marten repellent suitable for indoors and outdoors from Gardigo
Ultra Marten Repellent, Mobile
Show the marten that he cannot make your home his home. Repels martens at a frequency of 23 kHz with intervals Mobile protection for car, house etc. Vibration sensor and intervals save and extends battery life The repellent emits an...
Animal Repellent with stake and batteries
Animal Repellent with stake and batteries
All-in-One. Repels cats and dogs. The ideal deterrent against birds and wildlife. Defines animal-free zones in- and outside the house Recognizes day and night Three different settings Having animals around you is something beautiful and...
Marder-Lebendfalle Käfig – die tierfreundliche Falle für Garage, Dachboden und Carport von Gardigo
Marten Live Trap
Capture Martens alive with the Marten Live Trap. Also suitable for cats. Animal-friendly trap for martens & cats Reusable Applicable in the house, attic, garage, garden, etc. The Gardigo Marten Live Trap offers you an environmentally...
Tierabwehr mit Erdspieß – der Ultraschall-Tiervertreiber mit Blitzlicht und inklusive Erdspieß von Gardigo
Animal Repellent with Spike
The ideal, non-violent barrier for dogs, cats, weasels and martens, birds and other wildlife. Defines animal-free zones in- and outside the house Recognizes day and night Three different settings Having animals in our surroundings and...
Marten Repellent, Mobile – the versatile ultrasonic device for cars, garages, houses and attics from Gardigo
Marten Repellent, Mobile
The Gardigo Marten Repellent, Mobile drives away martens in an environmentally friendly way by using ultrahigh sound and protects the house, your car, your garage, your barn and your attic from marten bite attacks.
Vario-Schutz 3 in 1 Solar – der mobile Tiervertreiber mit Ultraschall und Solarpanel von Gardigo
Vario-Protection 3 in 1 Solar
The Gardigo Vario-Protection, 3 in 1 Solar drives away the great number of pests including mice, rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches and martens in an environmentally friendly way from your home and garden.
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