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Fluginsekten-Vernichter 25m² – die kompakte Mückenlampe mit UV-Licht von Gardigo
Flying Insect Killer 25 m²
Bug zapper for small flats for problems with flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects cable length: approx. 1m removable collecting tray for hannging or setting on a flat surface Catch flies and mosquitoes with Gardigo’s bug zapper...
Fluginsekten-Vernichter Profi 70qm 2 x 8 W – der Insektenvernichter mit UVA-Röhren gegen Fliegen und Mücken von Gardigo
Insect Killer Professional 70 m² 2x 8 W
For a relaxed summer Kills insects on the integrated high voltage grid up to 70 m² coverage During the summer, pesky insects get into the house quickly when opening the windows in the evening hours for a cool draught. The Insect Killer...
Fluginsekten-Klebefalle Profi – die Fliegenfalle mit UV-Licht, Klebetafel und ohne Gift von Gardigo
Professional Flying Insect Trap 1 x 11 W
The hygienic way of catching insects with ultraviolet light no poison or odours for professional use: kitchens, seating areas, bakeries, catering … for setting on a flat surface or hanging on a wall Insects in the house can be an...
90° Fliegenklatsche Bzzz – die elektrische Fliegenklatsche mit schwenkbarem Kopf von Gardigo
90° Swivelling Fly Swatter
Swivel mounted swatter head for catching insects sitting on walls and ceilings Insects sitting on walls and ceilings are hard to reach with most electronic fly swatters, as the mesh is mounted at a fixed angle to the handle. The Gardigo...
Fluginsekten-Vernichter Profi 150m² – der professionelle Mückenvernichter im großen Stil von Gardigo
Flight-Insects Professional 150 m²
Mosquito protection in the house - the mosquito lamp for 150 m². Attracts flying insects and destroys them with a high-voltage grid Covered area 150 m² Professional version incl. 2x 20 watt UV fluorescent tubes The Gardigo Flight-Insects...
Fluginsekten-Vernichter 50 m² mit UV-Licht – der Vernichter für den Einsatz im ganzen Haus von Gardigo
Insect-Killer 50 m² with UV lamp
Attracts flying insects, like mosquitos and kills them fast and clean on the high-voltage grid For areas up to appr. 50 m² Ultraviolet can attract many types of flying insects. Our Insect-Killer 50 m² helps you to make use of this...
Fluginsekten-Vernichter Profi 70m² – der professionelle Insektenvernichter mit UV und Hochspannung für 70m² von Gardigo
Flying Insect Killer Pro 70 qm 2 x 8 W
Mosquitoes – house flies – bugs Are you having problems with insects in the house or in your flat? Flies and mosquitoes are attracted by the scent of food and humans. When we open the windows to let some air in, these flying insects get...
Fluginsektenvernichter 25qm mit UV-Licht – der Insektenvernichter mit verschiedenen Aufhängungen und praktischer Kabelführung von Gardigo
Insect-Killer for flying insects with UV-lamp
Fluorescent UV tube and cleaning brush included Attracts flying insects, like mosquitos and kills them fast and clean on the high-voltage grid With integrated collecting box and cleaning brush Flying insects invade our homes through open...
Electronic Fly Swatter
Electronic Fly Swatter
Flies and mosquitos are a nuisance to you? Using the Gardigo Electronic Fly Swatter you can kill pesky flying insects without causing them pain. Striking them with a traditional fly swatter often leaves blood marks on the walls. The...
Flight-Insects Trap Duo 60 m²
Flight-Insects Trap Duo 60 m²
Do you have mosquitoes all over the house? This mosquito trap offers you a solution! The UV light attracts mosquitoes Two fans draw mosquitoes in the device Mosquitoes are killed in the device quickly and painlessly The Gardigo...
Mobile Flying Insects UV Trap
Mobile Flying Insects UV Trap
The Mobile Flying Insect UV Trap can be installed quickly and effectively! Mobile, can be used without the mains power source High contrast LED attracts insects Effective with UV light Effective against mosquitoes, fleas and fruit flies....
Fluginsekten-Vernichter 20m² mit UV-LED – der Fluginsektenvernichter mit ultraviolettem Licht und Hochspannungsgitter von Gardigo
Flight Insects Repellant 20m² with UV-LED
The UV LED attracts flying insects and destroys them with the high-voltage grid With on/off switch During the summer people like to enjoy the warm evenings with open windows and open doors. The fresh evening air clears out the heat of...
UV Insect Trap 20qm
UV Insect Trap 20qm
The Gardigo UV Insect Trap 20qm protects you from mosquitoes, flies, crane flies and other flying and biting pests without using chemicals.
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