In the garden flies will usually visit plants, dung and dead animals for food. When we humans put out food into the open, flies of all kind are attracted to it. This is not only annoying, but can also be very unhygienic. Flies in the house are a plague, especially in the summer. They besiege any food out in the open, constantly settle on our skin, create an annoying buzzing sound and are just an irritation to our life. Getting rid of flies with the fly swat is tiresome and time-consuming. We recommend Gardigo Repellent products against all kinds of flying insects. The Gardigo Fly and Wasp trap is specifically designed, so that there is no escape. After filling it with water, vinegar and sugar, flies and wasps will be attracted to it, fall into the trap and cannot get out. The Gardigo Insect free dazes the flies indoors with an to humans odourless substance that is harmless to our health. The Gardigo Fly Plug emits an ultrasonic sound making the covered area most unattractive to flies and keeping them away. The Gardigo UV Insect Killer Mini Isokat Professional, the UV Insect Killer 20m2 and the UV Insect Killer 50m2 attract flying insects by using UV light and killing them the moment they come into contact with the high voltage mesh around the lamp.

The appearance of the fly.

The common housefly can be between 2 and 8 mm. The two pairs of wings are transparent and allow extreme flight manoeuvres. The color of the body is normally black to grey but some species also have a sheen of green or blue. The eyes of the fly are made up of thousands of individual eyes which together give the fly a viewing angle of 360°. It is this large viewing angle and the extremely fast flight movements that make catching flies such a hard task.

The life of the fly.

Some flies have a life expectancy of a few days, others of one or two weeks. The most part of its life is spent in the stage of the larvae. In central Europe flies are most active between spring and autumn. During winter the fly will look for a place where it can hibernate. As soon as the weather gets warmer they become active again. In our homes we will sometimes have the occasional fly on a sunny winter day. These are normally flies hibernating in a crack in the wall which is heated by the sun, waking them up.

The mating of the fly.

Most species of flies do not actively take care of the young. The eggs are laid in a location typical for the species and left to hatch. The first life stage of the fly is in the form of a maggot. After a few days maggot will build a cocoon and the fly hatches. Flies need to lay the huge number of eggs as the survival rate is very low. Because the active season is only from spring to autumn the reproduction rate of central European flies is very high. Many generations can be born within one season. The reproduction rate also depends very much on the weather and the availability of food.

How to get rid of flies.

If you have a lot of time and are bored you can hunt down flies by using a newspaper or a fly swat. You will soon notice that this is tiresome and quite hopeless. If you would prefer to spend your time on more productive activities, then we recommend you to use Gardigo Fly Repellent Devices. These devices use different, environmentally friendly methods such as smell, sound or UV light. Find out more about our products!