Wirksam gegen Ameisen, Fliegen, Mcken und Wespen


Insects are generally very useful animals because they keep the natural ecological cycle running. They break down organic material, pollinate plants and are part of the food chain. The buzzing of the bees and the chirping of the crickets underlines the mood the beautiful summer day.

But sometimes insects get too near to us, invade our homes or become a plague. Vegetables and plants are eaten and our picnic is the target of wasps and flies. If flies land on our food they can transfer bacteria and germs and the food becomes inedible and contaminated. When flies get into the house they can be the most irritating plague. Food needs to be covered, and the constant buzzing and landing on arms and legs can be nerve racking. The same applies to mosquitoes. Mosquito bites usually go unnoticed at first, but after the mosquito has gorged on your blood and left, the itching starts, robbing you of your sleep and nerves. The proximity of wasps, mosquitoes and bees makes many people anxious and distracts them from what you would really like to do. Coffee and cake on the terrace often ends in frustration and a bad mood. A summer evening with a glass of wine can result in a sleepless night of itching and scratching.

Gardigo offers a number of devices freeing you from the harassment of these insects. By using fragrance tablets, traps, ultrasonic sound and UV lamps we make sure that these insects do not come too near or are lured into the traps and killed.