Solar Mole-Ant Defense Deluxe


  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 33,5 x 9.5 cm
  • Frequency: 400–500 Hz
  • Batteries: 3xAA, 1,2V, 800 mAH, rechargeable (included)
  • Interval: approx. 2 sec, ON, approx. 50 sec OFF
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with hole drill extra large solar panel two repellent techniques in one device: tones... more

with hole drill

  • extra large solar panel
  • two repellent techniques in one device: tones and vibration

Inserting large diameter mole repellers into the ground is often hard. The Gardigo Solar Mole-Ant Defense Deluxe is different. Its hole drill tip can be screwed a couple of centimeters into the soil. By pulling the device out of the hole again, excess earth can be removed. This allows for drilling a hole into which the device will fit precisely.

The Solar Mole-Ant Defense Deluxe combines two techniques in one device: A buzzer emits tones to disturb the ground dwelling animals. An additional vibration motor emits vibrations into the soil. Both are unpleasant for moles and voles, as they have acute tactile and hearing senses for hunting insects underground or orientation in dark tunnels. This allows you to repel and deter unwelcome ground dwellers.

As the mole repeller is inserted deeply into the ground, it can transfer most of its vibrations directly into the soil. This makes it hardly audible over ground and keeps your garden quiet.

This device’s solar panel is extra large, to allow for usage even when the light conditions are less than ideal. And should it be too dark, e.g. during winter, the batteries can be removed for external charging. It is not even necessary to pull the device out of the ground for this, thanks to the handy battery cylinder inside.

Gebrauchsanweisung Solar Maulwurf-Ameisen-Abwehr Deluxe (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Solar Mole-Ant Defense Deluxe"
15 Mar 2022

Sehr einfach

Schneller Versand. Ware wie beschrieben. Wenn man sich genau an die Beschreibung vom Hersteller hält wirkt es auch. Einsatz ist über einen längeren Zeitraum Erforderlich. Batterien halten sehr lange. Wechsel sehr einfach.

16 Feb 2022

Hat sich gelohnt

Unser Rasen ähnelte einer Hügellandschaft. Seit dem Einsatz von 4 Stücken verirrt sich nur selten ein Tier in die Nähe. Hat sich gelohnt.

6 Oct 2021


Mit Ameisen hatte ich bisher zwar keine großen Probleme, aber die Maulwürfe sind jetzt wenigstens auch wieder weg.

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