Marten Repellent, Professional


  • operating voltage: 12 V DC
  • frequency: approx 23 kHz
  • SPL: 85 DB
  • Angle: 140°
  • Power consumption: 0.1 W
  • Connection cable: 30 cm
  • Miniature fuse: 200 mA
  • Approval: e11
  • Dim.: 55 x 100 x 40 mm
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Repells with high frequencies of 23 KHz Connects to the car battery Protects with... more
  • Repells with high frequencies of 23 KHz
  • Connects to the car battery
  • Protects with ultrasound

The Gardigo Marten Repellent, Professional keeps the marten out of your engine compartment and away from the rubber hoses and cables. If the marten has been in the car before, the engine compartment needs to be cleaned thoroughly as the marten has a very distinct sense of smell and will always find back to its den. Fortunately the marten not only has a fine sense of smell, but also an acute sense of hearing. This is where the repellent comes in. The Gardigo Marten Repellent, Professional emits an ultrasonic sound at the frequency of 23 kHz, which is well outside the range of human hearing. Even people with very good hearing capabilities will not hear the sound. The device is connected to the car battery and does not require an external power supply.


The Gardigo Marten Repellent, Professional keeps martens away from your car and the engine compartment and protects you from damage by using ultrahigh frequency sound.

The Gardigo Marten Repellent, Professional does not prevent the marten from entering the engine... more

The Gardigo Marten Repellent, Professional does not prevent the marten from entering the engine compartment, but makes the location unpleasant, so that other places may have more appeal to the marten and he will eventually avoid the location. The device operates with alternating ultrasonic frequencies which have an extremely annoying effect on the marten. The distribution of the sound depends very much on the correct installation and the surrounding of the engine compartment. It may take a few days, maybe even a week, before the animal besides to move to a different area.


When installing in the engine compartment:

Before using the repellent it is advisable to have the engine washed thoroughly at the garage. This will remove all odors and smells that might attract the marten and/or tell him that this has been his former home.


How do I know I have been visited by a marten?

  1. Scratch marks can be found on beams or gutters and poor marks on the bonnet and roof of the car.
  2. Scraping and scratching sounds in the attic or ceiling during the evening and at night.
  3. Unpleasant smells and signs of urination. Martens mark their territory permanently with the secretions out of their anal glands.
  4. Faeces, about 1 cm thick with a twisted, peaked end. Similar to a cat.
  5. Damaged cables and overturned flowerpots.
  6. Gnawed ignition cables as well as damaged break, fuel and hydraulic pipes in the engine compartment, as this is a warm and dry place.
  7. Leftover food, eggshells, breadcrumbs, carcasses of birds mice etc.




Martens are nocturnal animals and not very specific about their food. Houses and barns, garages... more

Martens are nocturnal animals and not very specific about their food. Houses and barns, garages or engine compartments - anyplace warm and comfortable - these are the preferred places where martens like to be. These are also the places where they cause considerable damage.

If you have a marten in your attic, the night can quickly become day, as the marten will scratch and search in every corner, moving everything and clawing at anything. The first falling flowerpot will make you sit up straight in your bed. Also small pets as well as chickens are not safe from the marten.

In residential areas where one brick house is built next to the other and there are only very few places for a marten to hide, the marten will gladly move into the engine compartments of freshly parked cars, as the engine is a warm and cozy refuge. Here the marten can cause considerable damage by biting the power lines or damaging petrol, break or hydraulic pipes. The marten marks its territory, also in the engine compartment. If the car is move into the territory of another marten, the new marten will attack the marked territory, in this case the engine compartment, and cause havoc.

The mating season begins in late June. Therefore the height of the territory fights is in May. At this time of the year marten males are extremely aggressive.

Gebrauchsanweisung Marder-Frei Profi (PDF) more
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customer reviews on "Marten Repellent, Professional"
31 Jan 2017

Tut seinen Dienst!

Ich habe Überreste eines Vogels im Motorraum gefunden. Da hat es sich ein Marder gemütlich gemacht. Nach der Motorwäsche habe ich das Gerät lt. Anleitung eingebaut und seit 4 Wochen Ruhe. Ich hoffe, dass bleibt so!

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