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Marten Deterrent Mat

  • Unpleasant to walk on for martens
  • Easy to roll up to store in the car boot for mobile use
  • Avoid marten damage

Is a marten wreaking havoc in your engine bay? If you are lucky the animal only leaves behind dirt and smelly food residue. In the worst case it destroys cables and hoses. This not only results in costly repairs, it can also be dangerous.

The Gardigo Marten Deterrent Mat is designed to put and end to to bustle in the engine bay. As martens have very sensitive paws, they dislike walking across the uneven surface of the mesh. This is turning your car into an unpleasant place for the animals without doing them any harm.

Lay out the mat in the carport, the garage or in a parking bay. Then park your car so that the engine bay is located over the mat.

When using the Marten Deterrent Mat on your own property you could anchor it to the ground by using tent pegs. Please be aware that the mat does not need to lie perfectly flat on the ground. An uneven surface would be ideal.

Mobile use is also possible. The Marten Deterrent mat is easy to roll up and can be stored in the trunk. Take it anywhere you park your car!


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  • Dimensions: 195 x 150 cm
  • Material: HDPE
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