Anti Marten Pouch, Set of 2


  • Dimensions: approx. 7.5 x 9.5 x 5 cm
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Deterring scent keeps away martens With dog hair from selected dog parlours All natural –... more

Deterring scent keeps away martens

  • With dog hair from selected dog parlours
  • All natural – no poison or chemical agents

Are martens making a mess in your car’s engine bay or in the attic? The predators can do great damage and leave behind feces and carrion. This may cause unpleasant smells. But how can you get rid of a marten, deter or repel it?

The Anti Marten Pouch now helps you to get rid of the unwelcome visitor. The pouches contain dog hair (from selected dog parlours) and a composition of fragrances. The animals perceive these scents as a danger and will try to avoid them.

Simply remove the protective foil from the pouch and tie it to a safe place with its strings, so that children and other animals cannot reach it. Check the pouch regularly. Should it disappear, use a new pouch immediately.

Ingredients: Thermally processed mixture of dog hair threads from various breeds, sourched from selected dog parlours. A fragrance composition and herbal wax are added to prolong the usage period.

Estimated usage period: 3–6 months

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customer reviews on "Anti Marten Pouch, Set of 2"
3 Feb 2021

Habe mir den Duft schlimm vorgestellt aber ist er gar nicht.

Beim Kauf habe ich mir den Geruch ganz anders vorgestellt. Wie ein großer, starkriechender Hund eben aber so riechend die Säckchen überhaupt nicht. Die Säckchen scheinen gut verarbeitet zu sein und hängen jetzt seit 4 Wochen auf dem Dachboden und seit knapp zwei Wochen höre ich in der Nacht keine Geräusche mehr von da. Es scheint zu wirken!

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