Marten Defense Belt, set of 2


  • Pipe diameter: up to 12 cm
  • Dimensions: approx. 42 x 42 x 5.7 cm
  • Delivery: 36 wire elements (for two defense belts with 18 elements each), 74 rubber caps, 4 cable ties
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for downpipes protect your attic protective rubber caps included Martens will do great... more

for downpipes

  • protect your attic
  • protective rubber caps included

Martens will do great damage in lofts and attics. They often use the downpipes as a climbing aid. With the Gardigo Marten Defense Belt you can now put a barrier in their way. Take action before a marten will ravage in your loft and leave behind dirt and carrion!

The modular structure of the Marten Defense Belt allows to adjust the length to your individual needs, which will usually depend on the pipe diameter. Its long spikes give the Marten Defense Belt a martial look, but it actually works as a climbing barrier, which simply makes it harder to reach the roof. For larger pipe diameters the belt can be expanded with further sets.

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customer reviews on "Marten Defense Belt, set of 2"
28 Nov 2020

Auf unsern Dachboden kommt kein Marder

Der Dachboden unseres alten Hauses wäre für Marder ein gefundenes Fressen. Die könnten bestimmt sehr einfach über das Dach reinkommen. Deswegen habe ich diesen Abwehrgürtel besorgt. Man hat nach dem Zusammenbau ziemlich dreckige Hände und manche Stücke greifen nicht ganz so gut ineinander aber es hält gut an dem Rohr also bin ich zufrieden.

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