Wasp Repellent Coffee

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Repel wasps with coffee smoke fireproof clay pot for lighting coffee powder When lit,... more

Repel wasps with coffee smoke

  • fireproof clay pot for lighting coffee powder
  • When lit, develops a wasp defense scent

Coffee smoke is a popular household ingredient for deterring wasps. But only few households have a suitable container, which will protect it from wind, but still allows for a good air supply. This is why we have developed the coffee incense clay bowl. The smoke can emit from the holes in its lid and spread the coffee aroma.

For wasps, the coffee smoke is unpleasant and they will try to avoid the area.


  1. Place the Wasp Repellent on a heat resistant surface or hang it from a hook, using the wire hanger supplied.
  2. Remove the lid from the bowl.
  3. Pour 10 g of dry coffee powder (not included) into the clay container.
  4. Close the lid. The smoke will be able to escape through its holes.
  5. Wait for the embers to have gone out completely or extinguish them if you have to leave the product unattended.
  6. Remove the cold ash from the bowl.
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27 Oct 2021

Es funktioniert!

Die nervigen Wespen nerven meine Freunde und mich endlich nicht mehr wenn wir im Garten sitzen und was trinken. Endlich Ruhe!

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