Wasp Nest Dummy


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Wasps of one hive and wasps of another hive avoid building their nests in the same area. The... more
  • Wasps of one hive and wasps of another hive avoid building their nests in the same area.
  • The dummy prevents other wasps building real nests nearby.

Many wasps live in small swarms and build nests. The distance between two wasp hives will usually be 75 meters or more. Due to this fact the Wasp Nest Dummy is a natural and effective way of keeping away wasps from building their nests in the area. The dummy needs to be mounted in the garden or around the house in spring, when the wasps become active and start to search for a place to settle. Make sure, that it is hung in a sheltered spot and not fully subjected to rain and wind, as this might damage the dummy. The area under the roof is another place that is strongly recommended for installation, as wasps are often found in the sheltered lofts of houses.

Setting up the trap:

  1. Open the wasp hive carefully by pulling it apart.
  2. Insert the wire into the large hole of the wasp nest.
  3. Stretch and fix the wasp nest affixing the wire in the holes.
  4. Hang the wasp nest into a tree, under the roof or a place where wasps are likely to build their nest.

Note: do not subject the wasp nest directly to rain or wind. Place the nest at least at a distance of 2 to 4 m from food sources and at 2 to 2,50 m height.

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customer reviews on "Wasp Nest Dummy"
10 Aug 2019

Nahezu wespenfreier Sommer!

Wir hatten im letzten Sommer ein riesiges Wespenproblem. Irgendwo muss ein Nest entstanden sein und wir konnten kaum noch draußen sitzen und mal ein Stück Kuchen essen ohne von Wespen umzingelt zu werden. Deswegen habe ich diese Jahr mal so eine Wespennest-Attrappe aufgehängt. Ich habe die Attrappe, wie beschrieben, dort angebracht wo Wespen auch ihr Nest bauen würden und es haben sich wirklich nur einzelne Wespen mal an unseren Tisch verirrt. Mein Kollege hat gelesen, dass soll auch mit einer Papiertüte funktionieren aber das ging bei ihm in die Hose.

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