DIY Wasp Trap, set of 12


  • Dim.: 6,5 x 7,5 x 2,5 cm
  • set of 12
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do it yourself wasp trap pet bottle + inset = wasp trap The life cycle of a... more
  • do it yourself wasp trap
  • pet bottle + inset = wasp trap

The life cycle of a non-returnable bottle is short. Once it is empty, you dispose of it. That is why disposable bottles have the reputation to be an environmental sin. Now you can improve their environmental record by using our DIY Wasp Trap set. Get creative and build something useful from a piece of waste. The effort is negligible, the benefit huge!


Cut the bottle open in a cross shape, making two cuts of 4 cm length. Put in the Wasp Trap inserts. The serration of the wings will hold them tightly in the holes.

The entrance hole is shaped conical, allowing the wasps to find into the bottle easily, but making it difficult for the insects to find out again.

Fill the bottle with a mixture of fruit juice, water and a drop of dishwashing agent. We recommend using two inserts per bottle. You may decorate the bottle underneath the entrance hole, but it is best to leave it clear above it.

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customer reviews on "DIY Wasp Trap, set of 12"
5 Jun 2019

Einfach top!

Ich bastell total gerne mit meiner kleinen Tochter und das Bild mit der dekorierten Flaschen-Falle fanden wir beide total super. Sowas wollten wir dann auch unbedingt für unsere Terasse beim grillen. Die Schnitte habe natürlich ich gemacht. Mit so einer DIY-Falle ist man auch echt güntig unterwegs.

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