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Wasp Nest Premium
Wasp Nest Premium
Water-resistant dummy vespiary durable, water-resistant material simulates a real nest to keep away wasps With Gardigo’s Premium Wasp Nest you can now make use of the natural behaviour of wasps: They try to keep up to 75 m distance from...
Wespen-Verdufter Kaffee – die Wespen-Abwehr durch Kaffeerauch von Gardigo
Wasp Repellent Coffee
Repel wasps with coffee smoke fireproof clay pot for lighting coffee powder When lit, develops a wasp defense scent ceramic incense pot the natural way of repelling wasps Coffee smoke as a wasp deterrent Coffee smoke is a popular...
Fliegen-Wedler / Wespen-Verdufter – die neue Version des Fliegen-Wedlers mit Wespen-Verdufter-Schale von Gardigo
Fly Scare / Wasp Scram
with scent bowl for essential oils, to keep away wasps shoos away flies The Gardigo Fly Scare fan shoos away flying insects from foods and beverages, so you do not have to do this tedious task anymore. But now the Fly Scare has gotten...
Wespenfalle 3er-Set – die natürlichen Wespenfänger im 3er-Set von Gardigo
Wasp Trap, Set of 3
Natural wasp trap Can be used hanging and standing No chance of escape In late summer wasp can be a nuisance. To distract them from the coffee table in the garden or on the terrace, simply place our Wasp Traps in a couple of metres...
Wespennest-Attrappe – die Wespenscheuche ohne Gift oder Chemie von Gardigo
Wasp Nest Dummy
Wasps of one hive and wasps of another hive avoid building their nests in the same area. The dummy prevents other wasps building real nests nearby. Many wasps live in small swarms and build nests. The distance between two wasp hives will...
DIY Wasp Trap, set of 12
DIY Wasp Trap, set of 12
do it yourself wasp trap pet bottle + inset = wasp trap The life cycle of a non-returnable bottle is short. Once it is empty, you dispose of it. That is why disposable bottles have the reputation to be an environmental sin. Now you can...
Wespenfänger 2er-Set inkl. Lockstoff – die Wespenfallen "Made in Germany" inklusive Lockstoff von Gardigo
Wasptraps, set of 2, with attractant
The efficient wasp trap and a set of two with attractant. Ban the wasps from your garden! For desktop use or hanging Incl. 100 ml attractant concentrate for 1 liter attractant Escape almost impossible Made in Germany! Do you have fruit...
Wespenfänger 2er-Set – die Wespenfallen für den Sommer "Made in Germany" von Gardigo
Wasp Trap, Set of 2
The ideal protection against wasps! Can be set on the table or hung up Can be used in the house or in the garden An escape from the trap is barely possible Made in Germany! Wasps and other insects are, especially during summertime, a...
Solar Insect Trap
Solar Insect Trap
All in one mosquito and wasp trap. The ideal protection against wasp stings and mosquito bites. The liquid attracts wasps during the day The LED light attracts mosquitoes at night The Gardigo Solar Insect Trap is effective during the day...
Wespen-Falle 2er-Set – die natürlichen Wespenfänger zum Aufhängen & Hinstellen von Gardigo
Wasp trap
The Gardigo Wasp Trap can be hung or set down effectively protecting you from biting wasps and allowing you to enjoy the summer in the garden.
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