Natural Moth-Stops, Set of 12


  • Dimensions: approx. 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.9 cm
  • Hole diameter: 1 cm
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made from cedar wood moths dislike the scent of cedar wood Are clothing moths eating... more

made from cedar wood

  • moths dislike the scent of cedar wood

Are clothing moths eating their way through your wardrobe? This hungry pest feeds on textiles made from animal hair, such as wool and fur. To get rid of it is not easy, as noone wants to spray poison in his wardrobe.

Gardigo has a natural solution: Our Natural Moth-Stops are made from cedar wood, more specifically from eastern red cedar, which is actually a species of juniper that is native in North America. Its wood has a pleasant aromatic scent and it’s this quality that can keep away the moths. For this reason clothes chests and closets are made from this type of wood.

Thanks to the Gardigo Moth-Stops you don’t have to spend lots of money on new furniture to make us of cedar wood’s properties. Simply put a couple of moth stops into your wardrobe or put them on your clothes hangers. The scent lasts for approximately 6 weeks. it can be freshened up by sanding off the wood surface. Use Gardigo Moth-Stops as a preventive measure to protect your precious clothing.

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customer reviews on "Natural Moth-Stops, Set of 12"
22 Oct 2019

Einfach super!

Wir haben seit längerem immer wieder Löcher in unserer Kleidung gehabt. Uns war schnell klar das es Motten sein mussten. Wir sind dann auf dieses Produkt gestoßen und wollten es einfach mal ausprobieren. Nach einer gründlichen Reinigung des Kleiderschrankes, habe ich die Mottenhölzer in unserem Kleiderschrank verteilt und seitdem echt keine Löcher mehr in unserer Kleidung. Einfach der Wahnsinn. Zudem ist das Produkt ohne Chemie und riecht angenehm nach Zedernholz. Die Hölzer waren etwas weiß beschlagen, was lt. dem Internet normal sein soll, was man aber ohne Probleme abwischen konnte, ist halt Natur.

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