Flying Insect Killer Jasmin


  • Use: to be set on an even surface or suspended from the ceiling (chain included)
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 6 Watts
  • High voltage grille: 2500 V
  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 26 x 10.8 cm
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Relaxed throughout the summer Flying insects get killed on the integrated high voltage... more

Relaxed throughout the summer

  • Flying insects get killed on the integrated high voltage grille

Are you having problems with pesky insects in the house? Especially in summer they get into our living quarters quite easily, as we like to open the windows in the evening hours to let in cool air. Attracted by the scent of food and carbon dioxide containing breathing air, flies and mosquitoes use every chance to get into the house.

Our Flying Insekt Killer Jasmin attracts many types of flying insects by using ultra violet light, which is generated efficiently by LEDs. Its light colour make this bug zapper ideal for darkly painted or furnished rooms, as the contrast between dark surfaces and the bright device is well visible for most insects and helps them find their way more easily. Attracted insects are killed quickly and painlessly on the high voltage grille.

The Flying Insect Killer Jasmin is simply suspended from the included chain or set onto an even surface. Make sure to shut all windows while using the device, as you wouldn’t want to lure any further insects into the house. We recommend switching on the Flying Insect Killer 2 hours before using the room. Without distraction by the smell of humans, pesky bloodsuckers will find their way into the light more easily. As soon as you enter the room, move the device to an adjacent room, ideally the hallway. Thus further insects can be lured into the trap.

The function of attracting flying insects is only given to insects that react to light!

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customer reviews on "Flying Insect Killer Jasmin"
23 Jul 2021

Funktioniert alles gut.

Letztes Jahr hatte ich eine wahre Mückenplage und ich war von Oben bis Unten zerstochen. Da musste ich so einen Vernichter besorgen. Autan hat schon nicht mehr gereicht. Das Gerät ist einfach, die Leuchten sind schön hell und den Mücken gefällts auch so lange, bis ich an das Gitter kommen. Alles in allem bin ich sehr zufrieden! Keine zerstochenen Arme mehr im Haus.

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